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AR-15s are men Barbies

We like to dress them up. Someone said that to me once before.

6 Responses to “AR-15s are men Barbies”

  1. Dann in Ohio Says:

    I guess that means the Barret 50 cal. must be “Ken”…

    …and our “bigger than the refrigerator” gun safe is really just a “Barbie Dream House”…

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Jerry Says:

    But Ken don’t got no…..nevermind.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    Hmm. My first AR was a 20″ A2. Zero dress-up. (It was an AWB-era gun, and I haven’t cared enough to change barrels to put on a lug and flash hider, because… meh.)

    #2 is a 16″ M4-gery. Zero dress-up. (Seriously, nothing.)

    #3 will be a top-cock Colt prototype-alike.

    It… also won’t have any dress-up, but I suppose it’s weird and custom enough to almost count.

    I am atypical, I think.

  4. MAJ Mike Says:

    Guess my HK-91 is Fritz, the cousin from Germany. I didn’t dress him up, I just updated him (acquired in 1985). My 1978-vintage Colt AR-15 has likewise been updated, not dressed up.

    The beloved M1911A1 remains GI. Guess I’ll call him John Moses.

  5. mikee Says:

    I always undressed the Barbies. Was I doing it wrong?

  6. Critter Says:

    my AR is tarted up like Barbie’s older sister Dakota the Stripper. i like trashy gals.