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Romney on gun control

I remember hearing the tales of how, right before his first presidential bid, he ran right out and got himself a life membership to the NRA. But he’s never seen gun control he didn’t like. We could hold out, I guess, since he’s had a change of heart on all kinds of other issues, right?

5 Responses to “Romney on gun control”

  1. John D Says:

    Oh yeah- Maybe he’ll “Come to Jesus” Heh!

  2. Nylarthotep Says:

    Not likely. I’m hating this whole group of fools more and more every day. And that really smart guy Newt just told everyone that he wouldn’t obey court rulings and would try to violate the constitution by impeaching judges for making judgements he doesn’t like. Another idiot.

  3. JscottNH Says:

    I have met the man, and know someone well that worked as a chef for him up in NH…. Amazing guy in a lot if ways, extremely fiscally frugal personally, but generous and unassuming with his employees (he used to do the dishes every night by hand)… However…. I really didn’t like hearing this…. But it is kind of understandable in Massachusetts…. They are so programmed to be anti-gun there that it’s second nature… This President HATES guns in the hands of the people and hasn’t been able to pull any sh*t… I highly doubt Romney would push any anti-gun legislation…. Remember that the worst anti-gun legislation since the NFA was signed by Ronald Reagan himself….

  4. Borepatch Says:

    He could have just ignored the bill and let it become law without his signature. But he liked the idea of trying to “move to the center”, and so his John Hancock is proudly on the paper.

    But remember, he’s the Real Conservative who will protect Second Amendment Rights! Just ask him.

  5. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    Mitt Kerry strikes again.