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Belt Fed 22LR

Seen at Subguns:

Pew, pew

As to what it is, it is a belt fed that has a fire control pocket is identical in all dimensions to an semi-auto AR-15. So, you could drop your sear in it and rock and roll. Offered by 5bears, it looks like.

Looks fun.

5 Responses to “Belt Fed 22LR”

  1. Chas Says:

    I’d feel silly shooting that thing.

  2. MichigammeDave Says:

    Yeah, well, I’ve felt silly before, and it never killed me. I’d like to give this one a try – looks like fun.

  3. Windy Wilson Says:

    Do you think this will be at Knob Creek?

  4. Alaskan Says:

    Doesn’t have the shoulder thingy that goes down,so they don’t get my money. 😉

  5. TIM Says:

    Looks pretty cool.Where do you think the belts come from.Maybe those Hot Shot concrete nailers.

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