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What do you want?

Lyle: There was an article in a recent issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine about what gun products the various gun writers would like to see.

He offers his suggestion. Nobody asked me but I’ll tell you anyway:

  • Glock needs to make a single stack, compact 9mm pistol
  • S&W needs to make a single stack, compact 9mm M&P pistol
  • A Glock in 22LR
  • An AR flash hider that a standard 1/2×28 suppressor can be threaded onto
  • More holsters for pistols equipped with the CrimsonTrace Lightguard.
  • What the gun world will see at SHOT instead will be:

  • Some slight variation of a 1911
  • Some slight variation of an AR15
  • Some slight variation of a Springfield XD
  • Mo’ pocket nines. But they won’t be M&Ps or Glocks.
  • Pre-called Ruger
  • Some slight variation of a Taurus Judge, making all past ridiculous incarnations pale to the new absurdity.
  • What do you want to see?

    41 Responses to “What do you want?”

    1. junyo Says:

      Keltec bought by a company with decent manufacturing capability, so that there’d be a reasonable chance of seeing their products within a decade of announcement.

    2. Freiheit Says:

      +1000 @junyo. Keltec showing up at SHOT with their only new thing being “products from last years SHOT actually for sale” would be EPIC.

    3. Cargosquid Says:

      Booth babes!

      That’s what I would like to see!

    4. Weer'd Beard Says:

      here’s a question, if Glock does make a .22 trainer will it even be legal for import to the united states?

    5. SayUncle Says:

      They have a manufacturing plant in GA.

    6. Mike M. Says:

      Let’s see here….

      Glock to make a G19 variant with a 1911-like grip angle.

      S&W to dust off their 1990-vintage Olympic Rapid Fire pistol design, rechamber it for .22LR, and release it.

      A high-quality flintlock pistol. Something like the Hege-Manton (if you are familiar with it – fantastic quality)

      Steyr to release the Free Pistol they have been reportedly working on for years.

      S&W to re-release the 1076.

    7. D2k Says:

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      Included in your css file.

    8. Matt Says:

      Single stack, compact Springfield XD.

    9. Bryan S. Says:

      Single stack Glock, in 9mm or .40.

      Longzise bulpup AR kit…

      And Keltec to start producing in numbers.

    10. Bubblehead Les Says:

      IWB Magazine carriers for Pocket 380’s/9mm.

    11. anon Says:

      A pint sized, but ‘grown up’ looking 22, NOT made out of pot metal & plastic.

      CZ to re-introduce & import the 122 to the US.

      Walther to make a run of 22 PPKs.

      Aftermarket Ruger MkIII bolt assemblies to use with lightweight Volquartsen grip frames and TacSol receivers.

      Ruger to re-introduce the 10″ bull barrel on the MkIII or Browning to do the same for the Buckmark.

      A true Springfield XDM longslide (like Glock 17L long).

    12. Tasso Rampante Says:

      M&P 10mm

    13. Jerry Says:

      A bayonet for my Taurus Judge, and a Thunderwear holster to fit it.

    14. Steve Says:

      Any Kel-Tec long gun, any at all, in our local gun shops, actually in the store, available for purchase at anywhere close to MSRP, instead of only on gunbroker, or in the hands of a reviewer.

      What we will get however is:

      More excuses from Kel-tec.

      More FFL’s putting the guns on gunbroker instead of on the wall.

      A few individuals (nobody I know) getting one, and some trying to flip it for a profit.

    15. Cargosquid Says:

      What? No one else wants to see booth babes?

    16. DirtCrashr Says:

      Glock needs to make a plastic .410/.45 pistol called “Der Fuhrer,” while Taurus can make pink one called” Judge Judy”…

    17. Other Steve Says:

      I think this SHOT will be a tell-tale for the future of Magpul. They have strugged with getting their products to market which is really inexplicable since they are mostly just out-of-the-mold-into-the-box injection molding, then Magpul Dyanmics looses both instructors, Venture Capitalists buy mostly the entire company, the ACR is a disaster, etc etc etc…

      If they don’t have a major WOW at SHOT, I’m going to say their new products are over and it’s just the VCs running the show.

      I hope I see a proper ACR or a civ PDR/PDW… but I’m not laying awake at night with anticipation.

      Other SHOT Stuff…
      + Keltec to become non-vaporware, and a bolt action RFB
      + A AICS 3.0 or some light/cheapish chassis for 700s
      + Silencerco Rifle Silencers… they better be there!
      + New AAC Silencers in case Silencerco fails
      + Bullpup 22lr that isn’t amature/stupid looking
      + Single stack M&P 9mm
      + FullAuto or Burst 22cal airgun with 22lr energy
      + A less expensive SCAR (US Made)
      + AUG A3 to return less expensive with a Nato stock
      + Ruger to actually start making Scouts!
      + Or other factory-AI mag bolt gun that’s priced well

    18. Sashok.Privetov Says:

      @DirtCrashr–I like your style…

      And I want more natural-pointing pistols with Luger grip angle. In decent caliber. Striker fired.

      A slim Glock with <1" width in .40S&W. A Glock in .22lr.

    19. Panamared Says:

      How about the repeal of the 68, and 34 gun laws, along with the lift of all importation laws.

    20. SteveA Says:

      A company making M1A’s that dont cost $1200+ . If norinco can make one & sell it for profit in canada for $479(with a milled receiver!) that an american company needs too!!!

    21. Marty Says:

      By far, the top of my wish list would be a Glock Carbine that takes the same mags as it’s 9mm, .40 and .45s.

    22. Rivrdog Says:

      OK Marty, Glock isn’t going to, they’ve said they won’t unless some military want one that they can easily civilianize and sell over here, so how about Marlin re-introducing the Marlin Camp (9 & 45), in an action which will fit with AR accessories such as stock, rail, etc?

      I have a Camp 45, and it’s a swell gun, except for it’s weight. Hell-for-stout action, which could easily be upgraded to shoot 50 GI or 45 Super Auto. The Camp 45 companions with a 1911A1, and the Camp 9 with a S&W 59, both excellent full-size pistols.

      How about a reliable snail-drum maggy for my Camp 45?

    23. Homer Says:

      This is retro, but a steel-framed single-stack DA/SA 9MM about the size of the G19 with really big, really clear sights. I need a center fire cartridge gun for students with a medium grip frame to fit small hands that has enough mass to dampen recoil and that works like common non-Glock, non-M&P, non-XDm guns.

    24. Aaron Says:

      -S&W and/or Walther produce a Walther PPK in 9×18 Makarov.

      -A Tavor semi-auto rifle made available for sale in the USA.

      -Glock in the regular, compact and subcompact lines and Kahr to come out with .22LR models that match their current lineups.

    25. Michael Bane Says:

      LOL! Heck, I just want to survive SHOT again!

      Michael B

    26. Skip Says:

      I’m with the booth babe guy.

    27. Sigivald Says:

      Combine ’em!

      An AR-10-ish AR in .410!

      (Actually… that scratches the same itch the Saiga .410 does.)

    28. A Critic Says:

      A .500 Magnum carbine with high capacity detachable magazines.

    29. hillbilly Says:

      A .500 magnum lever gun that’s actually affordable.

      A pump .357 rifle like the IMI Timberwolf that actually works and is available, unlike the Taurus Thunderbolt.

      A lightweight .45 ACP or 10mm carbine that takes Glock mags that’s actually available and affordable.

    30. Matthew Carberry Says:

      An L-frame(ish), lightweight, 5-shot revolver set up for moonclips, chambered in .460 Rowland (thus can use .45ACP), with a 4″ bbl (3″ and 5″ would be nice too) with fixed and adjustable sight options.

      The frame and cylinder should be designed in a length appropriate to the short cartridge, not a too-long, repurposed .45 Colt job.

      Nice town and country carry gun, .45 ACP or Super for two-legged threats (and relatively cheap practice and reloading) with the .44 Mag power of .460 Rowland for large predators. Both cartridges can use the same dies and components.

      No more having to stock and reload .45 and .44 Mag brass to feed your carry 1911 and your “bear revolver” respectively.

    31. Bob Owens Says:

      For someone to make a good IWB holster to fit my new Detonics MTX without me having to send the gun itself out as a mold.

      300 BLK ammo at the prices they were supposed to come in at when the commercial loading was announced.

      Real-time inventory at my favorite online retailers so that when I order something I don’t have to find out days later it isn’t in stock.

    32. Snackeater Says:

      Marty–there is a carbine that takes either Glock, S&W, Beretta, or Sig mags in 9×19 or .40 S&W. Unfortunately, it’s made by Kel-Tec (SUB 2000) which means you’ll never be able to find one.

      And how about an under-the-barrel grenade launcher for the Judge? Or a folding stock? Or some good optics?

    33. Alchemist Says:

      I’d love to see what I’ll call the “Judge Dredd” – a revolver capable of firing either 20mm vulcan rounds or 10-ga shotgun shells.

    34. Johnny flash Says:

      New colt revolvers. Want a CNC made python. The WALKING DEAD is great advertising right now.

    35. Fyooz Says:

      A very light non-Stoner/AR battle rifle in 6.5 Grendel. The KelTec SU16 would be schweet, but I note others’ skepticism about KelTec’s ability to ship what they hype. So maybe a reincarnation of the AR18?

    36. larry weeks Says:

      Agree on the booth babes, but I don’t get a chance to get out of the booth to see them. I’ll know the world is about to end when we see not just a Glock with the 1911 grip angle, but a steel, .45 ACP, 1911 with thumb safety, grip safety and all, made by GLOCK. Then, a line of SxS Shotguns, light, lively, with gauge-appropriate sized actions; for around $1000. Remington to make a 21-24″ Tactical Versa-Max. A bolt rifle with a stock designed by Paul Dressel. His come to the shoulder like a fine shotgun.

    37. Bill Says:

      @ A Critic: Your .500 carbine exists its just in .50 Beowulf. The two are so close its hard to tell them apart performance wise, and you can get light AR’s.

      Mags are standard AR mags, cheap at 10/$100 on sale!

    38. Jason Says:

      I’d like to see more 9mm carbines. Where is the new Taurus carbine that was supposed to come out this year? Why on earth won’t Glock make one? And how come the Kel-Tec SUB2000 is made of cheaper plastic than nerf guns?

    39. Gunnutmegger Says:

      The Marlin Camp carbine has a weak stock right ahead of the grip, and is prone to cracking.

      Also, the buffer at the rear of the receiver wears out plenty fast with 9mm and .45. A hotter cartridge would be a real problem.

      It’s a shame Ruger stopped making the PC9 and PC4.

    40. Beaumont Says:

      The return of the AR180, equipped with a folding stock instead of the el cheapo plastic fixed stock Armalite put on them last time.

    41. clamp Says:

      Colt to start making the Python again and sell it for around $400.

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