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An improvement

Only 22 minutes to respond to active shooter this time.

Via Robb.

8 Responses to “An improvement”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    And after another 3 or 4 more shootings, they should get it down into the Single Digits.

  2. Paul B Says:

    When seconds count cops are minutes away.

    We need to roll all guns laws back to 1935. At least.

    One of the shot, may he rest in peace, was a veteran as well as a police officer. If he could not stop the shooter why would any other cop be better?

  3. TomcatTCH Says:

    1933 Paul, 1933.

  4. Paul B Says:

    Ok…I’ll buy that.

  5. MJM Says:

    I’m working on a consistent active-shooter defensive response time, at 10 yards, from the draw, from daily carry gear, in under 1.5 seconds with a hit each time in the minus zero circle. I’ll take my chances with that, instead of 22 minutes. Gettin’ there. (Not as easy as it sounds.)

  6. MAJ Mike Says:

    I carry a pistol because a cop is too heavy.

  7. Sean Caranna Says:

    I’ve carried a cop before, he wasn’t too heavy. But he did bleed all over my BDUs by the time I got him to the medic.

    Back then I used a machine-gun to lay down suppressive fire in defense of police. Now I would be arrested just for having a holstered pea shooter. I must have become an untrustworthy criminal as some point when I wasn’t looking.

  8. Jake Says:

    FYI, the 22 minute time is wrong. He’s basing it off of what appears to be a misstatement by a Va State Police representative at the press conference held just after they gave the all-clear. The time he states for when the state police responded is actually the time that Officer Crouse called in the traffic stop. The VTPD rep at that same conference stated that the dispatcher had communicated with Crouse at least once during the stop to check his status before losing contact. Most likely, the Trooper at the press conference simply read the wrong time from his notes (which you can see he was constantly glancing down at while he was speaking).

    VT’s response from receiving the first call to sounding the alert was about 6 minutes. Still not fast enough to stop a true rampage (which would be literally impossible without a cop being right there at the start), but probably about as fast as humanly possible when you consider the steps that need to go into actually activating the alert in that kind of situation.