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Stop touching it

Local deputy shoots frozen bologna at a convenience store. Seems he was handling the weapons and shot it.

7 Responses to “Stop touching it”

  1. MAJ Mike Says:

    Yup. Only trained professionals should have firearms.

  2. HiddenHills Says:

    and apparently then only when “re-trained”. Wonder if the curriculum is the same for re-cert ?

  3. comatus Says:

    /Mel Blanc/”That’s some tough baloney, Doc”/Mel Blanc

  4. Huck Says:

    And folks wonder why I dont consider LEOs to be worthy models of firearm safety and proficientcy.

  5. guy Says:

    He should have stated that the bologna was threatening him and needed to be shot ‘for the officer’s safety’.

    Case Closed.

  6. SteveA Says:

    Plus all the idjits commenting over there that glocks don’t have a loaded round indicator

  7. jeffersonian Says:

    Please tell me he said “FREEZE”.

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