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Fast and spurious

US approved large scale gun sales to Mexico. 9,000 go missing. but, remember, the press and the anti-gunners (but I repeat myslef) told us it was those US gun shows flooding guns south.

Holder shouldn’t be asked to resign. He should be charged.

2 Responses to “Fast and spurious”

  1. chris Says:

    And don’t forget the new revelations re helping the cartels launder money.

    Grassley and Issan should ask Holder and the other witnesses to explain whether there was anything that the ATF and FBI DIDN’T DO to help the cartels in their drug smuggling efforts.

  2. Rabbit Says:

    I’ve seen a news story that small arms were shipped via the State Department from Alliance Airport, north of Ft. Worth, TX. under a contract that ultimately led to a shell corporation for the Zetas.

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