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It’s so not tactical, it’s tactical!

I am de-tacticallizing my long guns

5 Responses to “It’s so not tactical, it’s tactical!”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Okay, well I guess someone that never bought into the ‘not tac unless its black’ junk is now grouped in with this line of thinking?

    Well hell, All my stuff is krylon’d or in other ways matches my surroundings.

    I mean… uh… I was unto it before it was maintstream! 😀

  2. MattW Says:

    Give me a break. Tactical, “de”-tactical? A bunch of hot air.

    Yes, black guns will scare some peope. But duracoating your AR neon green will then draw criticism that your gun looks too much like a toy and… “for the children” blah blah.

    Put whatever color or coating on your guns that you like and feel are appropriate for the intended purpose. If you want a black gun, buy a black gun. If you want to duracoat a pistol hot pink for your wife, do it. But dont change the look of your guns for others.

    You will never make everyone else happy, so focus in making yourself happy.

  3. mikee Says:

    I have a cat that is black and white, colored like a Hereford cow. He hunts and kills field mice with impunity, so perhaps color is not as important in tactical camouflage as breaking up the outline of the camouflaged item.

    I recall Jeff Cooper writing that the straight black barrel of a rifle was the easiest thing to see when looking for opponents in battle, so maybe breaking up the shape is important for guns, too.

    That said, I like lovely wood grain and deep bluing. So my long guns stay the way they came – purty.

    The biggest tactical factor is, I think, being able to shoot as needed, when needed. And that has lots less to do with the rifle than the rifle user.

  4. ATLien Says:

    he lost me at “black doesn’t occur in nature”

  5. Jerry Says:

    I’m with Mikee on this one. I think it was Bill Dance, on his fishing show, whom I once heard say this bass are color blind. And, that all those pretty colors that you see hanging on the rack at Wally world, just ain’t there to catch the eyes of a fish.

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