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Bunch of idiots.

One Response to “Delusional”

  1. armed_partisan Says:

    Been a gun owner since before I was legally allowed to. Served in the USMC, fought in a war, taught marksmanship, shot at shooting academies, worked for a gun company, cast my own bullets, designed and built wildcat cartridges, shoot competitively. I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe guns… but I’ve never been “hunting”. Got my first hunting permit last week, and planning on going deer hunting for the first time ever this month. They told me I won’t be able to get another hunting permit (which covers neither waterfoul, nor migratory birds, nor turkeys, nor grey squirrels, nor deer without an additional fee) until I take a “Hunters Safety Course”, because I’m apparently not qualified to use a rifle unless I do.