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It’s confiscation if they pay you for it

Isn’t this kinda like raping someone and leaving a $20 when you’re done?

5 Responses to “It’s confiscation if they pay you for it”

  1. EV76 Says:

    Naw, $20 not enough. Even in Newark, NJ it cost $100 ten years ago (saw it on HBO)

  2. divemedic Says:

    This is the same logic as the Kelo decision.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    With your analogy you could then charge the victim with Prostitution and put HER in jail.

    Given that Antis want to put people in jail when their guns are stolen, this sounds about right.

  4. MattW Says:

    Illogical argument is illogical…

  5. Mike V Says:

    Surrender implies voluntary, which it wasn’t. Guns had to be turned in, period.

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