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The AK-12

The new (5th generation) of the Kalashnikov rifle.

4 Responses to “The AK-12”

  1. TIM Says:

    Looks pretty good.I think if they do produce it in the 6.5 grendel it would go over well.

  2. Chas Says:

    The current safety is already perfectly ergonomic for anyone with an extra right arm. One hand on the pistol grip, one hand on the forend, and one hand on the safety. It’s so simple that an illiterate, three-handed peasant could do it, with very little training.

  3. Diomed Says:

    The safety works fine if you run the rifle as intended, i.e., not like an AR.

  4. SteveA Says:

    Want to see a neat take on the safety?
    Lets you bump it off as you grip the pistol grip.
    Put one on my saiga 7.62×39, than upgraded all of my saigas. 🙂