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Making the switch

I am now sans .380. Moving to a pocket 9mm. I have a PM9 as a loner and I like that I can hop on Amazon and order a holster for it.

Holster hasn’t arrived yet so I’ve not got to try out pocket carrying a larger gun. But it handles and feels nice.

Update: Oh and if Glock or the S&W M&P people would start making single stack 9mms, the gun world would thank you.

21 Responses to “Making the switch”

  1. Phillip Says:

    Amen to a single stack M&P. I just can’t persuade myself to pay for a single stack 9mm Kahr when a .380 LCP is half the price.

  2. emdfl Says:

    The S&W M-39 is your friend if you want a ss S&W. All steel unless you want the lightweight version and the grip angle is almost the same as The High Priest, JMB – PBUH, dictated back at the beginning of the 20th century, heh.

  3. Jay G. Says:


    The LC9 is priced awfully close to the LCP and is a pretty darn good little pistol, IMHO…

  4. The Freeholder Says:

    Kel-tec PF9 is another to consider. It’s my everyday carry.

  5. JscottNH Says:

    CM9 Baby…. Just as nice as the PM9 and you can buy a nice holster, extra mag and night sights with what you save… $360 at Buds Guns… Just my 2 cents…

  6. PakkinPoppa Says:

    Buddy says the same thing about Glock. Why don’t they make a single stack pocket 9mm?
    Because they already have the 26. I know… it’s thicker and heavier, but they already have it, so I don’t see them making a single stack until, say, it’s legal to have one in Canada, or maybe even England.

  7. The Duck Says:

    amen, my Para Carry 9 is a bit heavy

  8. Fred Says:

    That comes up about once a month on the ARFCOM S&W forum it seems. They need both a small “pocket” single-stack 9mm, and a “midsize” with a fullsize frame mated to a Compact size grip (there’s a guy on there that chopped one that way, and it’s sweet.)

  9. aczarnowski Says:

    Post follow ups please. I’m interested. I run both a PM9 and an LCP. They don’t fill the same roles for me personally.

    And as and experiment I picked up an M&P9c to try inside the waist band in place of the PM9. Maybe Caleb and Shelly at GunNuts have something when they say a sub-compact isn’t that hard to carry. Now if I can only find some time to get to the range and get it through break in.

  10. Ellen Says:

    I have a Taurus 709, and it has behaved well. It’s single stack.

  11. Secret Squirrel Says:

    If Glock or S&W would make a single-stack 9mm, I would wrap my money around a brick and toss it through their window in order to get it to them faster.

  12. jumpthestack Says:

    Speaking of single stack 9mms, I’ve been wanting a HK P7 for some time. Ok, they’re on the big and heavy side, they don’t make them any more, and holsters/parts are going to be hard to find. But they’re very accurate and reliable and the squeeze cocking system is unique.

  13. redjeepgirl Says:

    Single stack anything.. I’d love to see anything other then a 1911 in 10mm or .45 ACP as well. Think a thin Glock 29. Glock could make a buck, they need to quit ignoring this potential segment.

  14. Matt Says:

    Smith 3913 (or 3914, which I have, or 3953 DAO). Great single stack nine, light, easy to shoot, and conceals well. Smith could reintroduce this and sell a bunch.

  15. Kristopher Says:

    The GLOCK 36 is a single stack .45 ACP.

    If you are going to go that route ….

  16. Kristopher Says:

    And the GLOCK 28 is a double stacked .380 …

  17. Bryan S. Says:

    A single stack, thinner Glock would mean a real change in tooling and machinery. I love the pistols, but know that they are a one trick pony. Albeit, a pony that does that trick very well.

  18. Gerry Says:

    I still carry my old Sig P239 when I want something slimmer than the Glock 19. Excellant pistol and if you want more bang it comes in 40 and .357 Sig.

  19. MikeR Says:

    Jumpthestack, I bought a H&K P7 a while back with the idea of using it as a carry gun. It’s really not much smaller than my M&P Pro 9mm in person, and the heel mag release is a PITA. I just bought an LC9 to actually be a more carryable gun. I do really like the squeeze cocking mechanism, though. It’s a really excellent design for a carry weapon and I wish it was still in use.

  20. SPQR Says:

    MikeR, I think that the heel release is actually better than the lame downward motion thumb magazine release of the P7M8 and P7M13.

  21. Eagle Says:

    Caleb, take a look at the Desantis Superfly pocket holster for that PM9. Best pocket holster I’ve found for the PM9, and I’ve carried one daily for several years now.

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