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Some good from the Occupy Whatever movement

Turning people into gun owners:

I am not overly concerned about any direct confrontation from anyone in any current “Occupy” movement. But I am very concerned about the potential for violence coming from the seed of Occupy.

And, yes, you should buy a gun.

4 Responses to “Some good from the Occupy Whatever movement”

  1. Jeffersonian Says:

    I never stop being amazed that people who CAN own a firearm WON’T.

  2. Steve Says:

    I went looking for a 9mm M&P out of concern for the seed of Occupy. When I got to the store I saw the M&P and a 5906TSW.

    Guess which one came home?

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    Steve, I hope it was the 5906. l.o.n.g.-proven design, and if you’re lucky and bid right, you can find either a Marlin Camp 9 to shoot from those magazines, or stand in line for a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in that configuration. Stock up on NATO 124 FMJ ammo for the carbines (and carry in the last half of each pistol mag too, since if you have to fire more than 7 rounds, you’ll be shooting at targets behind cover).

    BTW, the Occupy movement has been taken over by marxists, and may be allied with the super-hacker group whose name sounds like a rodent. The flea-party is positioning itself for global marxist revolution, and we’re in their sights this time around.

  4. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    I disagree with that last sentence, wholeheartedly. Buying a gun, and telling others who don’t own any guns yet to buy a gun not only won’t solve anything but will be a waste of time.

    Suppose they buy a gun, then go to the range/get a class or two/try out some different ammo & targets….you khow the drill. And then just suppose that THEY LIKE IT. A LOT. And chances are, they will like it and be hooked. Then they’ll find that buying a gun was a wasted trip to the gun store and that they should have bought many guns while they were there, lots & lots of ammo, signed up for quite a few classes…it never ends.

    You see where this is going. Don’t sugar-coat the seriousness and tell them they only need to buy a gun. Tell them to cut right to the chase, empty the bank account, and buy every single gun that they like, and maybe even a few tha tey haven’t figured out yet that they like (but of cours,e they eventually will).

    Dive right in. Don’t buy “a” gun; buy lots of guns. Make Sarah Brady cry.