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Heard around the house

Discussing kids’ party ideas with the wife last night and she says that it’s kind of sad that most parents have this germophobia thing because it’d be kind of fun to let kids bob for apples. I told her that’s one of the issues facing the nation today. A nation of pansies. The first generation of kids who grew up using hand sanitizer every 30 seconds and everyone gets a trophy is currently Occupying Whatever.

She asks me then Where did that come from?

But, she’s right, parents these days probably wouldn’t let their kids bob for apples.

10 Responses to “Heard around the house”

  1. PISSED Says:

    But, she’s right, parents these days probably wouldn’t let their kids bob for apples. ( In San Fran they do)

  2. Cargosquid Says:

    Mine would…..I’ll have to do that at her next birthday. What a great idea. Now, what can I do that would make an interesting twist on that idea………

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    I know an ugly, mean, dumb kid that I’d like to introduce to bobbing for French Fries….

    ….just kidding…

  4. Lyle Says:

    “Where did that come from?”
    Hippies. They grew up post W.W. II never having any real problems, so they invented all their own. A steady diet of nanny statist gibberish all through their education and in the media didn’t help either. Now they’re the ones teaching, and in political office, and working as “journalists”, etc. They can’t live without their crisis of the day.

  5. Phenicks Says:

    We did this at the school Halloween party, and you know how germophobe they are. Tie mid- large size powder doughnuts through the center w/ fishing line and leave a long (18-24″) tail. Tie the doughnuts at about nose height to the contestants (we used a fisher-price basket ball hoop, but a dowel suspended from two ladders would be great). Have them put their hands behind their backs and the one who eats the most doughnut in 60 seconds wins. The winner gets a prize and everyone gets a doughnut. The smeared powdered sugar all over their faces was a hoot.

  6. Jailer Says:

    How timely. We just had juniors birthday party a couple weeks ago and bobbing for apples was one of the things they had the most fun with.

    Ya gotta stay rural. Hay rides and bobbing for apples is alive and well once you get away from the city. Your the city.

  7. armed_partisan Says:

    I bobbed for apples once when I was a kid. It was nearly impossible to bite into an apple and pull it out. Every apple had little chunks shaved off by people’s teeth or little chunks bitten out. The water got all slobbery and backwashed with snot and hair in it, and that was after, like, two people. It was one of the most disgusting things I ever did.

  8. Swamp Thing Says:

    My kids bobbed for apples with the creme de la crap in La Canada-Flintridge, CA. Germ phobic folks, but also realistic and a lot of fun. Go for it. Worse comes to worse, throw some lysol in the tub and give the kids goggles to protect the eyes.

  9. MSgt B Says:

    George Carlin did a bit on this back in the day, about how he grew up swimming in the Hudson. It’s worth digging it up on YouTube. Funny stuff.

  10. Fin Says:

    No, they won’t let them “bob for apples”. But, they will allow them to be taught how to put a condom on a cucumber in the 3rd grade.

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