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Like you and me, only better

Rich and fly a lot? The TSA will install an express lane for you: I believe this measure is designed to stop the most influential voices from complaining about the TSA.

11 Responses to “Like you and me, only better”

  1. Mike Branson Says:

    Maybe they should give them Stars of David to wear as armbands for easy identification.

  2. Jim Brack Says:

    In Atlanta, Delta has a separate line for Platinum & Gold level Medallion flyers (which by passes the general public and regular medallion flyers) and brings you to the head of the security line. You still have to go through the same security procedures, however it does greatly speed up the process on busy days. Wait time is maybe 5 minutes. This is nothing new and has been around for a few years or more.

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    At the Canoodlian border between Washington State and British Columbia, Canada, there has been such an express lane for years, and at PDX airport, “frequent” flyers can also register for and get a card that gives them their own TSA lane.

    The favoritism game has been with TSA all along.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Jim, bypassing security is a little different than frequent flyer rewards.

  5. Alan Says:

    Setting aside the fact that TSA is useless security theater in the first place, security either applies to everyone or it’s useless. If you let some people through without screening then you might as well not screen anyone.

  6. mike w. Says:

    So can famous bloggers just inform them of our status and get the same special treatment?

    Sigh. More security theater.

  7. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Does this apply to Congress Critters Flying Commercial on the TaxPayer Dime also?


    Its no longer security theater. Its a unionized jobs program now.

  9. Capn Dan Says:

    It’s possible to be poor and fly a lot – it’s called business travel. I think you’ll find most of the frequent flyer high-milers are in this category. I have silver-level memberships in 3 different airlines not because I’m part of the 1%, but because I travel on business at least twice a month. I’m a DoD employee. For guys like me, this is just good TSA business – getting those of us who aren’t a security risk out of the line.

  10. Evan Price Says:

    I find that when I fly, having a declared firearm in my checked baggage results in near-royalty levels of bypassing most layers of lines, waiting, and in many cases, gets me someone to carry my bags for free.
    I fly through MSP quite often, and checking in immediately on entering gets me an airport TSA skycap to porter my bags for me and a jump to first in line at the TSA stop’n’grope. Just using the magic words “I want to declare an unloaded gun” makes people jump to action. Most recent trip I was able to shave almost an hour off the wait to get to the gate- which amazed my co-workers who discovered me sitting in a chair typing on my laptop when they finally got there!

  11. Gene Hoffman Says:

    Global Traveller is only $100 and gets you the short line at customs and soon TSA. Think of it as a hybrid passport, carry license, and smart card.