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New gun smell

Weerd gets a FAL. Always liked them but, man, they’re heavy.

5 Responses to “New gun smell”

  1. Jim Brack Says:

    Great gun when put together correctly. About the only improvement would have been to put some decent sights on it. That’s where the MIA shines. My springfield will out perform my DSL in accuracy, but I attribute this to the sights.

  2. CTone Says:

    They are, but it makes them more pleasant to shoot. They also double as a handy bludgeoning tool when you run out of ammo.

  3. les Says:

    Maybe you’re weak?


    (I’m a FAL junkie!!)

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Put mine on the scale. 10lbs with an unloaded mag. Not as light as a .223…but its a .308.

    Also DSA offers them with aluminum lowers that saves you a few pounds.

    I will say the first FAL I ever shot was an Israeli HBAR and that thing was closer to 15-20 and totally unpleasant to shoot anywhere but on a rest. That put a bad taste in my mouth for them for a long time.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    RE “Heavy”: yeah it’s a wonder that we were able to win WW2 when we issued 9.5 lbs Garands to millions of people who averaged 5’8″ and weighed about 160 lbs.

    From the 13th Warrior: “Grow Stronger.”