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Making the switch

No secret that I really like my Kel-Tec P3AT with Lasergrips. But I’m thinking about switching to a pocket 9. I know folks like their PF9s and some folks pocket carry them. I figure the switch would mean one less type of ammo to stock up on and, of course, a 9mm has more oomph than a 380.

Any recommendations for gun or holster?

36 Responses to “Making the switch”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I have a PF9, and the trigger is terrible. In particular, the reset point is practically all the way back out.

    I dunno if it’s just mine, but when I am letting off the trigger to reset for the next round, the trigger clicks *twice*. The first click will trick you because it feels like a reset, but it’s not. The actual reset point is very near where the trigger is when no pressure is applied. Even with this, I still much prefer it over my old P3AT.

    I don’t know if the LC9 has this same behavior, but I’d check it out.

    As far as holsters go, I use the Desantis SuperFly and I love it.

  2. Jim Brack Says:

    I have been thinking of the same upgrade. Currently looking at the Kahr PM9. Don’t know anything about them except what you read. Kahr does have an excellent reputation, just more expensive than a Kel Tec product.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Kahr PM9 with a Desantis Nemesis or Superfly.

    If you want to spend a little less go with the CW9 and just know you’ll need to buy extra magazines and its harder to change the sights.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    I’m really liking the Ruger LC9, Unc. Trigger isn’t the best, but if you can shoot the P3AT, you can shoot the LC9 even better…

  5. Brick Says:

    Watch out for the extractor screw backing out of the PF-9 – this used to be a common problem that was easily resolved with a little blue loctite.

    My PF-9 Holsters…

    And my other thoughts/links about the PF-9…

  6. Aaron Says:

    Kahr PM9. Great pocket gun, reliable and a decent trigger. Its worth the price differential between it and the Kel-Tec.

  7. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Having been there with Wee’rd and Jay this Summer “Comparing and Contrasting” the LC9, if you like the trigger on a Ruger LCP, you’ll like the trigger on the LC9. I don’t, and Zercool and I agree that the Kahr feels better in our Hands.

    But this is one of those cases where it’s “Ford vs. Chevy”.

    As for the Pocket Holster, the Desantis Nemesis is very nice.

  8. Rivrdog Says:

    Fuh-get the pocket Nines. Buy yourself a 20-oz charter Arms Pitbull in .40 S&W, and carry Buffalo Bore’s heavy-duty killa round in it.

    If you insist on a nine-mm, wait a bit for Charter Arms’ next version of this excellent revolver, which will shoot 9mm.

    I have the Charter Bulldog in .44 Special, carry it in a Galco belt-slide holster, feed it either Blazer Flying Ashtrays or my own homebrew penetrator with a 240-gr JFN pushed out at 1,004 fps by 6.5-gr Unique

  9. Nathaniel Says:

    The CW9 is a bit too big for standard pants pockets. A PM9 would be a better choice for carry. A bit more difficult to control, however, and less ammo in the mag.

  10. Jeffrey H Says:

    I haven’t shot one yet, as I haven’t been able to find one locally, but I am really interested in checking out the Diamond Back DB9 as a potential pocket carry gun. The downside to it is no slide lock on it, and no ammo above 124gr and no +P but I think I could take some standard pressure golddots with it and still be happy.

  11. countertop Says:

    I can’t speak to other’s experience with Kel Tec, or the PF9, but you’ve shot my PF11. Trigger is surprisingly crisp and quick for a double action. And the gun is quick to target and hold on point.

    That, and it fits easily in my front pocket.

    I use a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. Its held up to daily use and shows no wear and tear in the 2 1/2 years I’ve used it. More important, it supports the gun well in my front pocket and provides enough concealment of what’s there that even if someone notices the bulge, they just think its a notepad or wallet.

  12. Instinct Says:

    Michael’s Custom Holsters,the best custom holsters around. You can even do what I did and get a belt to match the holster. 😀

  13. Matt in AZ Says:

    Friends don’t let friends buy micro-nines. But, if you insist, I would recommend Sig P290, Beretta Nano, or a top of the line Kahr PM9 with laser. Personally, I like a Glock 26 for EDC.

  14. Dan A. Says:

    Traded a G33 for a Walther PPS, in part for your logistical reason of focusing on one caliber. The PPS carries in the pocket better due to being flatter, even though it’s a bit longer and taller. The gun is far easier to shoot accurately. Lately it’s been in a Remora pocket holster. I’ve had about 400 rounds through, no failures at all.

  15. dustydog Says:

    Glock 26 (subcompact in 9 mm, 10+1 rounds) or the Glock 36 (.45 auto in ‘slimline’ subcompact’, 6+1).

    Everything is a trade-off. For a little more discomfort and a lot more money, you get a better platform.

  16. Blackwing1 Says:

    I bought an LC9 a while ago, and (other than the crappy trigger) love the thing. Shoots any kind of ammo without fail (only failure to go “bang” was some hard-primered S&B that didn’t go “bang” with my Beretta, either). Decent sights for a teeny pistol, and aggressively checkered grips give a good hold. Recoil is a zero issue; in my opinion it’s much easier to shoot than an LCP, which I had a hard time holding on to.

    I’m carrying in a clip-on holster:

    It’s secure enough, but the whole thing is so light and thin you can forget that it’s there. Spare magazine is in a clip-on from Don Hume.

    This is now what I carry when I don’t feel like carrying a pistol (my usual is a Springfield Micro-compact .45 in a Don Hume IWB).

  17. aczarnowski Says:

    I had a really hard time holding onto a friend’s PF9. Felt like a water worm trying to jump out of my hands. He quickly traded it for the same reason.

    I do like my PM9 but mostly carry it IWB. Or, more and more rarely, in my back pocket. I find it just >that< much too big to be a front pocket option in anything but BDU style cargo pants. And forget about drawing from a pair of five pocket Levis (I'm a 33×30). So my LCP does that duty.

  18. MIke Says:

    I have been carrying the Diamondback DB9 for 6 months & I love it. I alternate between an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster & a N82 IWB (amazing in itself), depending on my dress. I have had zero malfunctions in my DB9 & I put no less than 50 rounds a week through it at the range. There have been some reported issues with the DB9, however if one goes to the members as well as company reps can help with any encountered woe. The company itself is very resposive to customer needs. Having shot the Keltec PF9, I can attest to the snappy painfulness of it’s action, the DB9 is a joy to shoot, now even more so with the addition of a compensated barrel. I have well over 600 rounds FMJ/JHP with no malfs & a confident smile on my face

  19. DirtCrashr Says:

    My CCW buddy in MA has been experimenting with the Roogar LC9 and found that its accuracy is dismal and suckatudious (compared to a Sig P220). I said he needed to practice more and his hand is probably too big to hold that squirmy little thing in the same place, shot-to-shot. But some guns fit some hands better than others.

  20. RML Says:

    I carry a Ruger LC9 in a Desantis Nemesis holster with an extra mag in a weak side pocket. The Ruger is priced right, made here en los estados unidos, accurate as hell at 5-15 yards and can be pocket carried in almost every pair of pants I have. Shhots everything I’ve put through it and I can’t recall any malfunctions. Takedown requires a key or punch and is just a little bit of a drag.

    I noticed, however, that the safety could be flicked off when carried in the Nemesis. I saw that the holster left the safety exposed so I clipped the seam in front of the barrel and front sight so that the safety was covered. I used to carry a SP 101 loaded with .38+Ps but it printed like a grapefruit.

  21. mikee Says:

    Pocket? How about a CTAC IWB holster made of kydex and a Glock 19? or a baby Glock 26 if you want less grip?

  22. lucusloc Says:

    My edc is a Kahr pm9 in a crossbreed tuckable iwb, and both come highly recommended. I have not found a pocket holster that I have liked, and honestly doubt one exsists.

  23. Ryan Says:

    The Kahr CM9/PM9 isn’t much of a comparison with the PF9 and LC9. I think the Ruger and Kel-tec are just a bit to big to pocket carry. I have pocket carried my PM9 and IMO it is borderline. Go with the Kahr CM9, you won’t regret it. They are right around $400 now and I think for size and quality it is worth the money over the Ruger and Kel-tec. I love the trigger on my Kahr.

  24. SomeGuy Says:

    Used to carry a Kel-Tec P40 in a Desantis pocket holster. Now I pocket carry a Glock 27 with a mag extension, and hardly notice it. Fits nice in a pocket, doesn’t weigh too much, so no real flopping around. Also, light years beyond the Kel Tec in trigger feel and overall quality. If I’m in a suit, just use an IWB holster, and good to go. I used to think they were goofy, but I have to admit, Glocks are extremely functional.

  25. fucema Says:

    Auuuugh I’m still on the waitlist for a Boberg 9mm. 🙁

  26. Eric F Says:

    Also on wait list for Boberg. But for something proven, right now, Baby Glock 26/27/33. Mine’s the 33 but the 26 could fit what you’re looking for. No-compromise in function, if you can carry something just a little bit bigger than most pocket nines. Absolutely not a problem for me in well-designed tactical/cargo pants, e.g. Woolrich Elite. The best choice, IMHO, if you’re willing to build your wardrobe (the pants at least) to accommodate the firearm.

  27. Richard Says:

    I have both a PM9 and a PF11. The PM9 is much easier to control even though they weigh the same and shoot the same round. Recoil spring maybe. DeSantis is definitely the way to go on a holster. I don’t have any problem carrying the PM9 in a pocket in jeans or cargo wear. PF11 is a more of a problem.

  28. ScottyB Says:

    While too large for front pocket carry, I find the Kahr PM9 an easy, all day rear pocket carry in a cheap Galco holster. I intend to upgrade the holster and add a LASER at some future time.

    When I look at cost in dollars per hour carried, the PM9 is my least expensive firearm.

  29. adam Says:

    Glock needs to make a slim-line 9MM for the US market. They would sell millions.

  30. mikee Says:

    Glock makes a single stack .45ACP, Model G36, which is 1.13″ wide in the grips compared with 1.27″ for the G21 full size .45ACP.

    A slim 9mm would likely be possible, but I note that the Glock 380ACP frame is the same thickness as their Model 17 9mm full sized frame, so maybe what they have is what you get.

  31. Dann in Ohio Says:

    I’ve put about fifty rounds through the Ruger LC9, but I prefer the SR9c. I have both the Kel-Tec 3AT and the Ruger LCP… but I find myself carrying the SR9c most of the time.

    Dann in Ohio

  32. Mike LaForge Says:

    Baby Glock 26. Better than the Skoal can ring, too.

  33. Polumetis Says:

    Rohrbaugh R9
    Pricey, classy and solid
    It disappears into an OWB pancake (DeSantis)

  34. Armageddon Rex Says:

    If you’re carrying to defend your life or the life of a loved one, don’t risk malfunctions or pistols that are so small they cannot be adequately aimed or quickly reloaded. A little extra size and weight is worth it for much better ergonomics and much better reliability and accuracy.

    Get a Walther PPS and a super tuck Inside the Waste Band holster, and never look back!

    The PPS is a bit large to pocket carry in anything except cargo pants, but I’ve done that too, in shorts no less. The DeSantis Nemesis works well with the PPS in high quality cargo pants or shorts with deep enough pockets. It hardly prints through at all. Since I often wear either an untucked polo shirt or Hawaii style shirt I don’t beleive anyone has discovered I was carrying. Ditto with the super tuck IWB holster and dress slacks with a sports coat. If you’re going to go heeled you better carry something effective and that goes bang every time.
    Armageddon Rex

  35. Homer Says:

    Daily carry is a .45 USP in a Galco SSII; bought a Kel-Tec PF9 a few years ago when I had a couple months’ worth of tuxedo-wearing events to do and couldn’t carry anything bigger (have the 3AT but wanted more cartridge; thought about the PF11 but wanted something real thin). Got the belt clip for it and it fits perfectly inside the waistband of my tux trousers, extra clip in the opposite front pocket, don’t know either is there. Ammo for the PF9 is Federal 115gr 9BP, works flawlessly. Haven’t tried other ammo in it.

    I suspect it’s a 5,000 round gun, but OK, I don’t plan on shooting it that much – just enough to practice with it and make sure it always works. FYI, if you get one, the Kel-Tec Owners’ Group site has some useful info (

  36. Marc in Bartlett Says:

    Kahr CM-9, CT Laserguard, custom RKBA pocket holster to fit ($36). I’m not a big guy, but this setup works well in “relaxed” jeans and is invisible in cargo pants.

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