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Hunters and phones

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources agents ask hunters for phones. Apparently, texting your buddy that a deer is coming his way is a no no.

20 Responses to “Hunters and phones”

  1. North Says:

    “[Deer] haven’t adapted at all, but we keep inventing better, faster tools to harvest deer,”

    Hey I use my opposable thumbs to text, now. Evolution in action.

    You don’t like it, herbivore? Grow a laser.

  2. mikee Says:

    The idea of a hunt is that the deer have a chance to either evade or escape the hunter. This is called fair chase, I believe. The idea of a harvest is to kill the deer in a humane manner, with as little suffering as possible, for their meat or for their trophy antlers.

    The state DNR has decided that what they are regulating is a hunt, not a harvest. That being the case, are drives of deer illegal? Is hunting over harvested fields illegal? Is scouting the area before hunting season illegal? The lines get pretty blurry when there is a difference of opinion about what constitutes fair chase in a hunt, versus having a hunting season to harvest excess population of game animals.

    When I first moved to Texas I was a bit unnerved when the deer hunters at work told me that the easiest way to get a deer was to drive your truck in the dark about 100 yards from a cattle feed stand or water tank at the ranch you had arranged to hunt, wait for the deer to arrive after dawn, step out and shoot them. Then the number of suburban deer here in Austin demonstrated to me that whitetails here need harvested, not just hunted.

  3. HiddenHills Says:

    So what do they do with respect to FRS (not GMRS) radios ?

    I see deer hunters with headsets on all the time. No license, on-air ID, or call sign required.

    I guess the wardens will lip-read ?


  4. Jon Says:

    If a game-warden asks to see my cell-phone, you can imagine what my response will be.

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    This looks like a perfect time for Adam Carolla’s advice tip: “Always have a ‘Fuck-off’ Chambered and ready”

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Sounds like they just copied Ohio’s “No Radio’s Allowed” Law.

    Now if they would just realize that “No Deer on the Highway Law” doesn’t work, and allow us to get rid of some of them up here by Cleveland w/o having to use an ’89 Buick at 60 mph….

  7. Rivrdog Says:

    Dono how the DNR can say that you can’t carry a major piece of safety equipment (communications) on your trek. That’s hanging their civil liability out a country mile, and the State AG ought to quash that rule immediately.

  8. countertop Says:

    They aren’t saying you can’t carry a phone. But they are repeating the warning, that your not allowed to use electronic COMMUNICATIONS to aid in the taking of game.

    ie: no texting your buddy that a deer is coming his way.

    even though you can text that its getting cold and you want to go inside for coffee.

  9. divemedic Says:

    What I want to know is where a game warden gets the power to demand that I turn over my phone to him, so that he may read my text messages.

  10. North Says:

    “ie: no texting your buddy that a deer is coming his way.

    even though you can text that its getting cold and you want to go inside for coffee.”

    You’ve just cracked the code.

  11. mmasse Says:

    So much for illegal search and seizure.

  12. dustydog Says:

    Core first amendment violation.

  13. RML Says:

    New Mexico dropped its “no radios” regulation but the damn things don’t work in the mountains, anyway. I’ve used my Blackberry, however, to listen to and learn turkey calls when things are slow on warm, windy afternoons in the woods. Tried one I got from the NWTF website and got immediate response, but could not pull Mr. Tom into the last 25 yards. Buzzkill: getting a call from the office. “I’m sorry, but I’m deer hunting right now. Can this wait?”

  14. Barron Barnett Says:

    There’s a reason all my hunting party are HAM radio operators and we also have spread spectrum radios.

    Game wardens listen to FRS radios, they have a harder time listening to HAM bands unless they have a scanner, and it’s impossible to monitor spread spectrum.

    We don’t have radio problems in the hills because the main truck has a cross band repeater in it.

    Anyone who says you shouldn’t have a radio with you in the woods is down right nuts. I have my phone but it’s off because I don’t get reception at all in the mountains even on peaks.

    I find it ironic this coming from the same type of government bureaucracy that is so “ethical” for the animals I have to wait 40 minutes before I get authorization to dispatch a fatally injured deer.

  15. Nylarthotep Says:

    Guess I agree with most of the commentors at the article. You have a limit. What difference does it really make if you use a radio or a cell phone to assist you if you want to do it that way. If you want to hunt and use hunting skills you’ll do the fair chase, but if you’re just looking for some cheap venison or a trophy why not use a cell phone? The results that the game wardens are looking for acquired either way.

    Hell in some places you get multiple permits depending on what the state wants for harvest. If the cull is the primary purpose, who cares that you help your buddy?

  16. HiddenHills Says:

    @Barron Barnett – just curious, what HT do you use ?

  17. Gerry Says:

    I make sure my father in law carries a radio when we deer hunt in PA. The 87 year old will try and skid the buck out of the woods all by himself and if he would keel over I would never hear the end of it. No cell coverage in the valley.

    Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  18. Barron Barnett Says:


    I currently use a VX-7, we’re talking about upgrading to VX-8’s with built in GPS for APRS. If we do that though we’ll lose the cross band repeater capability.

    Odds are with the loss of the repeater capability we won’t be changing.

  19. Barron Barnett Says:


    *Forgot, FT-350M is the base radio in the vehicle.

  20. RC Says:

    Fish and Games only role should be in the safe, efficient and effective harvesting of game. Period. If a hunter wants to approach the hunt as a challenge then that’s a strategy to satisfy his/her activity. If a hunter want to approach the hunt as harvesting food for the table then that’s a strategy to satisfy his/her activity. Either way it’s no damn business of Fish and Game as long as it’s being done safely, efficiently and effectively.