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Google to the man: Nope

Google notes that law enforcement asks to have various unflattering videos of police taken off youtube. Also: The technology giant’s biannual transparency report reveals a 70% rise in takedown requests from US government or police.

Probably coincides with a 70% rise in bureaucrats behaving badly, judging from the news.

4 Responses to “Google to the man: Nope”

  1. Axess Denyd Says:

    Now they should provide a list of videos with removal requests so everyone can go watch them.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Axess; That’s perfect.

    Technically, anyone making such a take-down request should be fired or impeached immediately, for Oath violation.

    Note the apparent absence of increased calls by police and government for better screening and training of officers, and for less union influence among public servants.

    We will know them by their actions.

    If anyone has a counter example, we need to know about it– some police department seeing the misbehavior of officers and wanting to actually do something about it, and then actually doing something about it. Those are the ones we need to champion as examples.

  3. Kristopher Says:

    Google should post the removal requests, including which agency is involve, and the agency contact, on the same page as the video.

  4. comatus Says:

    Yeah, Google will do that for sure. In China first though.

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