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House cat meets cougar

99% kitty meets 1% kitty.

7 Responses to “House cat meets cougar”

  1. Captain Holly Says:

    What’s funny is the owner thought it was “cute” and considered herself “blessed”.

    She might be singing a different tune about cougars if there wasn’t a pane of glass between the cats.

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Looking closely at the photo, it appears Zeus the housecat is eyeballing, not the cougar on the porch, but the one retro-braking furiously from cougar FTL-speed in the backyard.

    Stout door be damned, about then I’d be pulling the Bulldog 44 if I was behind the housecat.

  3. Jake Says:

    Rivrdog: That’s a statue – check picture #8.

    There is a second mountain lion, though. Check pic #10. It looks like it might be a nearly grown cub.

    I would certainly have something more useful than a camera in hand if I’d been there. Probably something in .223 or .308Win. Plus something in .45 at my side, just in case.

  4. comatus Says:

    Maine Coon, mont’n lonn. What’s the point spread? I’m not betting even money.

  5. SPQR Says:

    I wouldn’t go even money either, but don’t write off the Main Coon too fast.

  6. RC Says:

    Couldn’t help but laugh at this story. The woman felt safe because of the patio door. We had a mountain lion break out of a house through a window as fish and game were trying to herd it out of someone’s house after it had gotten in through a screen door. A patio door isn’t much to stop wildlife, especially if it really wants in.

  7. Justthisguy Says:

    My old guy is mostly Maine Coon, and I’ve seen him face down and drive away a dog who was three times his size. M. Coons are sweety-pies, until it’s time to roll.