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Jo-Ann’s anti gun?

A report on their no gun signs. Weird, since I have been known to buy their products to make rifle slings.

11 Responses to “Jo-Ann’s anti gun?”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says: has better selection anyway and they offer discounts and complete do-it-yourself sling kits.

  2. Heather Says:

    Weird. Don’t remember seeing any signs before. Then again, I’ve not lived in a state where a sign has any meaning so I wasn’t exactly looking.

    Good thing our signs don’t have meaning here, I’m not sure there’s other options for the stuff I need.

  3. divemedic Says:

    This boycott, like all other boycotts, is doomed to fail. The only way to win is to live in a state where the signs do not carry the force of law, and ignore them.

  4. Kristopher Says: has jumped completely into the sling biz.

    I posted their web address on arfcom as a source several years ago, and they emailed me asking what the khaki strapping order avalanche was about, so I told them …

  5. ExtremeTolerance Says:

    Obviously the response was a brainless boiler plate. Which is really annoying because the letter was really well done.

  6. comatus Says:

    If I told you that I only go a gay bar twice a year, you’d find that significant. When I tell JoAnn Fabric that I shop there twice a year, they won’t notice.

    Let’s say a lot of us big-balled buck studs make their own draperies (yes, I do) and slings. If we boycott JoAnn, and the traffic is enough to notice, what do you suppose the headline would be? “Man up, admit you sew”? “More women than thought carry pistols”? I’m going with “Newfound gender confusion among gun nuts.” We’re not up against The Man here. This company thinks it’s The Woman.

    Hard to throw your economic weight around, when the vendor has no comprehension of your presence. I had a friend who was ex-officio (corporate librarian) member of the board of one of the formerly Excellent Companies — remember them? Based on that experience, he said that telling a corporation what it wasn’t ready to hear was a lot like herding dinosaurs.

  7. Pol Mordreth Says:

    Well, I don’t boycott to make stores change their policies. I boycott because I won’t spend my money at places that prohibit carry. Since I generally open carry, I am very cognizant of signage, and I am also reluctant to return to my vehicle to disarm after walking through a parking lot. I’ll just go somewhere else.

    I openly carry in Wal-mart and in Hobby Lobby, and have always had supportive comments from the management and staff (when they bother to comment).


  8. Odysseus Says:

    Here in Joplin our JoAnn’s got blowed away last May, Hobby Lobby reopened that week. Just sayin.

  9. mmasse Says:

    I submitted my email and I will never set foot in that store again

  10. Kris Says:

    Here is the response I received after I let them know how I felt about their policy. Apparently they don’t care. Too bad.

    Thank you for contacting Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Customer Service. We apologize for our delay in responding.

    Thank you for contacting us about the prohibition against concealed weapons and the sign posted at our Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. After thoughtful consideration, Jo-Ann decided to post the signs to create a comfortable shopping environment and experience for our customers. Jo-Ann recognizes that there are strong feelings on this issue, and that permit-holders are exercising their state right. Jo-Ann also is exercising its right under state law to post the sign. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  11. RC Says:

    For everyone that sends in a message and gets a reply similar to the one above maybe it would be a good idea to reply to it very succinctly with, “Thank you for describing your policy. No need to apologize for any inconvenience as your policy does not inconvenience me it has caused me to change my shopping habits to no longer shop at your store and shop at Hobby Lobby instead”.

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