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Reap, sew

In California, the .gov was all upset with people exercising their rights so they made it illegal to open carry an unloaded gun. Now, those freedom-loving protesters in what is the front line for gun rights are, you guessed it, going to start openly carrying long guns.

19 Responses to “Reap, sew”

  1. mikee Says:

    So those who were already neutered by the law, are now protesting the state’s decision to remove their ability to legally only appear to be armed? Too little, too late.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    They should be fine as long as they don’t take a 12 Gauge into a Library….

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    mikee, you’re probably right, I’ve lost a lot of hope for many of the wrongs being done here in Massachusetts to be righted through political action. Its really going to take a NATIONAL action like Heller or McDonald to do that.

    Still its good to push back against oppression, it makes life miserable to those who hate freedom, and it keeps people in states where people are NOT oppressed on their toes.

  4. MichigammeDave Says:

    I still don’t understand open carry of an unloaded piece. An unloaded piece is not a weapon, it’s a fashion accessory. And, much like the metal found on the faces of our young folk, a fashion accessory which serves no other purpose but to upset people you disagree with.

  5. John Smith. Says:

    That makes no sense dave. A gun does not go from fashion accessory to self defense item depending on whether it is loaded or not.. The metal on the faces of the young people is designed as a fashion accessory from the get go and that is the only use… Your method of weighing object usefulness is incongruent with reality. Surely you do not view unloaded weapons as toys do you??? The same logic applies there. If I said I though that unloaded weapons were toys because they have no other use when unloaded would that make me right?

  6. Spade Says:

    The purpose is to get them to ban it. Which they will.

    The argument that places like Maryland have been making in carry related cases is often “Well, our may issue (read never issue) permits are okay under Heller because you can openly carry rifles!” That was MD’s argument.

    Once you remove those allowances you’ve got a law suit.

  7. John Smith. Says:

    Spade you are dead on target. It is a feint….

  8. Rivrdog Says:

    Spade, your point is well-stated, but in-your-face didn’t work last time, and there’s no reason to expect it will work this time.

    The problem is, if this bit of in-your-face results in restrictive legislation like the last bit did, it will make it very difficult to hunt. If you hassle the hunters out of your program, who is left but 2A zealots, a small minority in CA? The recent Assembly Bill showed that zealots are not enough of a force to stop erosion of gun rights in CA.

    As to having to depend only on lawsuits, that’s a mistake. What you have going in CA is an anti-gun culture across party lines, which, even if reversed by the courts, is not going to give up. They will appeal for decades. By abandoning sound PR policy, CalGuns and their affiliates have doomed at least a generation more of Californians to reduced gun rights.

  9. John Smith. Says:

    What do you mean it did not work the last time? There was no last time.. Once they ban long guns it will be the first time….

  10. mike w. Says:

    I’m glad to see this. The handgun OC ban sets CA up perfectly for a lawsuit, but they were too stupid and reactionary to even understand what the implications of their OC ban were.

  11. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “I still donít understand open carry of an unloaded piece.”

    When I lived in a town that wouldn’t issue carry permits, I carried a small fighting knife and pepper spray. Today I’m just carrying a pocket knife and a .45. That old loadout didn’t make much sense to me, but it was all that was legally allowed, and that was better than nothing.

    Plus there’s the whole point of making California loosen their “May Issue” restrictions, or double-down on stupid.

  12. Dan B. Says:

    Folks,we out here behind enemy lines are doing our damnedest to fight for our rights.It really annoys me to no end to hear people poo-poo our efforts here.I thought we are all supposed to be on the same side here.
    We are using all legal remaining avenues to help OUR cause,and these snyde comments about too little too late,or I don’t see the point,don’t help the issue.
    If you think that we are a lost cause,fine.Don’t expect any help when it comes to your state.
    First they came for the Kalifornians,and I didn’t care,because they are all fruits and nuts…
    Would it be too much to ask for a litlle moral support?

  13. BroBrandonB Says:

    Patriots in California have my full support from Pennsylvania!

    I’m glad that the video addressed attire – when you are the face of an issue it’s important to put your best foot forward. The more normal and put-together the group looks the better the public’s perception will be. I think that jeans and a button-down shirt or golf shirt is a nice standard for us of the male persuasion. T-shirts with political messages start to look sloppy, IMHO and a long gun over your shoulder speaks much more clearly than difficult to read slogans.

    Anyways – way to go California civil rights advocates! Glad to see you still in the fight.

  14. weambulance Says:

    Nothing to do with the point, but… sow, not sew.

  15. mikee Says:

    My money is on Gura et al., and this stupidity by the Brown administration & legislators in CA only moves lawsuits closer to success.

  16. Rivrdog Says:

    My money is on Gura too. He’ll win. The CA government will then appeal, endlessly, all the way to the SCOTUS. Gura will win in the SCOTUS, at which point the CA gov’t will begin to give ground, but very slowly, like DeeCee is successfully doing in lockstep with Chicago.

    The result? You can hope that your grandchildren might be able to carry in CA, but don’t put your life savings on it happening any sooner.

    Now, throw a well-managed PR campagign in with Gura’s efforts, and you might just double the speed you get your results at.

    I’m not the enemy here Dan B., but I’ve watched these fights for 55 years now, and might have an idea or two of what works and what doesn’t work. In-your-face is in the latter category.

  17. jumpthestack Says:

    Also, sow should have come before reap.

  18. fucema Says:

    Hey Dan B, you guys have my support. I feel sorry that you have to fight so hard for your rights in CA. What a crappy state.

  19. SmoothActionBlogger Says:

    Gun rights must be fought for, just as freedom must be obtained through revolution from time to time. If people lie down and allow them to pick away our rights, there is no end to how far they will go to obtain total control over all our rights, and in every manner of American life.

    It’s about time my fellow Americans started showing a little backbone.

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