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M&P Trigger Replacement

Apex tactical replacement trigger for M&P. The trigger on the M&P is what gets the most complaints. It’s heavy and almost too smooth. By too smooth, I mean the break and reset are difficult to control. At least, that’s based on my experience. The Apex kit looks to fix some of that.

3 Responses to “M&P Trigger Replacement”

  1. Tam Says:

    I saw about a jillion percent improvement in just adding the Apex RAM, which fixed the hopelessly vague reset issue…

  2. S.W.G. Says:

    I have fired a M$P 9 and dry fired two more. It has the worst trigger of any gun I’ve ever shot. I’ve fired a Tec-9 with a better trigger, and Intratec didn’t have a reputation for quality control.

  3. Tam Says:

    It has the worst trigger of any gun Iíve ever shot.

    You need to shoot more.

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