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Selective enforcement of the law

First sign of tyranny.

2 Responses to “Selective enforcement of the law”

  1. RogueDave Says:

    The selective enforcement of the law does begin with the failure to investigate OWS.

    Perjury and Fraud by the banksters under “Robo-signing” and fabricated documentation in cases of foreclosure wherein the original documents were lost or destroyed has not been prosecuted criminally. Have any criminal actions been brought against the MERS parties, the Wall St firms involved in securitizing fraudulent mortgages that were sold to pension funds and other investors been prosecuted? Filings of civil actions are just getting under way. But again, criminal actions are notably absent.

    These are not insignificant failures to uphold the law. There already is tyranny rampant in the land.


    @ RogueDave

    Its older than that. Selective enforcement was actually built into the constitution. The problem now is that the president won’t take the necessary actions to do them the constitutional way (pardon), because that is too politically painful.

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