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An amazing thing happened: nothing

Remember there would be blood in the streets, drunken shoot outs, mayhem, death and a loss of tourism if Tennessee removed the restriction on guns in places that serve alcohol. Well, like every other place to do that, nothing happened.

Via NSH.

One Response to “An amazing thing happened: nothing”

  1. Britt Says:

    So this legislator was arrested for drunk driving and carrying a firearm while drunk.

    Yet in the account of the alleged crime, we see that not only was he not driving, he wasn’t even in the car. In fact, the gun was in the car, and not on his person. The one thing that is unclear to me is if he was leaving his car after driving while at least somewhat intoxicated or if he was coming back to the car from a bar or resturant.

    If the latter is how it happened, I don’t see how you can charge him with either one of the crimes. Posession of a firearm means having it on your person, right? Drunk driving still means actually manuvering a vehicle while intoxicated, right?