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I don’t hate the .40. I just don’t get its appeal.

11 Responses to “Fotay”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    It is a pussy recoil cartridge but still large enough to make you feel macho. The perfect poser cartridge. Yes I know it is probably the most popular police cartridge but my explanation still stands.

  2. j t bolt Says:

    The appeal?!! It ain’t frum Yoorip! It’s a big reason I like it… actually.

  3. Sid Says:

    It seems to straddle the fence between 9mm and .45ACP. 9mm holds more rounds but the .45 shoots a bigger bullet. The .40 is always in the middle.

  4. comatus Says:

    I’m sorry, is the 10mm argument over already?

  5. John Smith. Says:

    Now you are talking. 10mm. I love the quick follow up shots that come from its quick light recoil..

  6. Drake Says:

    Piss on the Short and Weak.

  7. Hartley Says:

    Hmm.. I find that practicing with the .40 improves my skills with both 9mm and .45 – something about learning to overcome that “snappy” recoil impulse.

  8. weambulance Says:

    Competition. My limited gun is a 40 because that’s the most advantageous chambering for limited class. It’s the only 40 I own out of ~20 handguns.

  9. mariner Says:

    I bought my first .40S&W, a G28, in 1995. The appeal was more power in the same size as the G27 9mm.

    In 1995 that was more important than now; improvements in bullet technology make 9mm almost as good as .40S&W, and easier to shoot besides.

    If I were doing this today I’d start with 9mm. But I’m not trading in my .40s at this point.

  10. matt d Says:

    .40 is the biggest caliber I can practice with without developing a flinch. (I think I’m more noise-sensitive than recoil-sensitive).

  11. HL Says:

    I think having a .40 isn’t a bad idea. If the SHTF, it should be a pretty easy cartridge to find. I have never owned a 40, but I have shot a few. There are so many cheap Gen 2 G22’s out there right now from the po po upgrading that I might pick up one for my lunch box/bomb shelter/hockey bag.

    Or just use that money to buy more 10mm or 45 ammo.

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