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Unclear on the concept

NY State Senators on the first amendment: this freedom should be treated not as a right but as a privilege

5 Responses to “Unclear on the concept”

  1. ZCORR Says:

    I’ve posted a question on their website asking who they propose should be the ones to decide what is appropriate, what is not, and what other rights they would consider taking away to save the children. No response yet.

    All hail the overlords!

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    If it’s a Privilege, then I wonder what they would do if some Judge ruled THEY couldn’t have it, especially at Election time.

    Damn Commies.

  3. adam Says:

    As Uncle said so eloquently yesterday – “You can just fuck right off.”

  4. GD Says:

    Well, they are just trying to close the “hate speech loophole”…

  5. Stuart the Viking Says:

    What the hell happened to the Fourth Estate? Oh, sorry, I didn’t see the D after the Senators names… Apparently even the First Ammendment is also sacrifised on the alter of modern day liberalism.

    Somebody wake me when we are finally allowed to shoot these fuckers.