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We’re winning

Rasmussen: 39% See ‘Pro-Gun’ As Positive Label, 27% Say It’s A Negative

I wonder if you did the poll and used the word ‘Anti-gun’ how the results would skew. All in the marketing.

5 Responses to “We’re winning”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    The first thing a pollster asks is: “What results do you want us to get?”

    The only honest polls are paid for by market research firms.

  2. Ron W Says:

    The pollsters use “pro-gun” but “anti-abortion’ instead of “pro-life”.

    I would like to see what the polling result would be if they asked if being pro-Bill of Rights would be a positive. I suppose the majority would say yes, but many would still be OK with the government restricting or denying our freedoms…to supposedly keep us safe and protect our freedoms.

  3. Kevin Highland Says:

    on the topic of we are winning, Discovery Channel was advertising a new series called “American Guns” apparently about a family owned gunsmith shop that is a little less exotic than Sons of Guns.

    Apparently interest in the gun culture is big enough that these types of shows are catching on with the mainstream cable/satellite channels.

  4. Tam Says:

    The pollsters use “pro-gun” but “anti-abortion’ instead of “pro-life”.

    “Pro-life” is kind of a misnomer, though, for somebody who is in favor of wars and capital punishment but against abortion. How about “pro-some-life”?

    Nah, I think “anti-abortion” is more accurate. 🙂

  5. Ron W Says:


    I am pro-life in that I think all mentioned in the Preamble of the Constution “ourselves and our posteriority” should have the right to life and liberty protected by “due process of law”. But according to the right to self-defense implicit in the 2nd Amendment and included in the 9th Amendment, a woman should have the right to an abortion if the unborn child puts her life in danger.

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