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On the rights we like

It’s only common sense to regulate newspapers.

5 Responses to “On the rights we like”

  1. Jim Says:


  2. StanInTexas Says:

    I have had similar debates with the GFW’s I encounter. One told me in all seriousness that we could ban all but one kind of gun (he never said which) and the 2nd Amendment would be intact and as the Founding Father’s intended.

    I then asked, “Could we ban all religions but Catholics and have our Freedom of Religion remain intact? What if we banned the speech of all red-heads, left-handed people, and anyone with black skin. Would our Freedom of Speech survive?”

    After a stream of obscinities from him, he left.

  3. Tirno Says:

    Perhaps TV news teams should be challenged to produce their Press License, which of course has to be issued locally because we don’t recognize out-of-the-area licenses, and furthermore, the size of the lens on that camera is 12.75mm too large to be legal in this jurisdiction. Where’s your Live Feed endorsement? Oh, this is just for tape? Is that a High Capacity Recording Device? We’re limited to 10 minute maximum recording length devices before you’re required to swap them out. By the way, you’re too attractive to be a member of the press: we require that our press locally be unattractive with a speech impediment. The State has determined that attractive, well spoken press members are a danger to Public Order.

    By the way, not complying with any of these requirements is a felony.

    Adapt as you like to print media, individual citizens wanting to exercise their so-called “Right of Free Speech” (a collective right, erroneously interpreted by radical judges who legislate from the bench to fabricate an individual right by misreading history)

  4. comatus Says:

    The First Amendment was conceived in a era of manual, single-sheet printing presses. Clearly it cannot apply now that we have automatic typesetters spraying lead everywhere, and electron beams with a shoulder thing that goes up, that cannot even be used for hunting.

  5. Jack Says:

    The UK Labour party wants just that.