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Obviously compensating for the size of his penis

88 year old man shoots attacker

2 Responses to “Obviously compensating for the size of his penis”

  1. Shawn Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them when they die.

    There was a robbery just today where the homeowner shot one of the intruders. Didn’t kill him though which is upsetting. When you use a gun for self defense in the home always make sure to go for the kill. Because now this waste of food will now lie his ass off in court when he sues the homeowner.

    Of course out here no jury will convict the homeowner but now he has to spend money on a lawyer and waste time in a courtroom.

  2. ZCORR Says:

    When you have stories like this everyday it really illustrates just who the anti-gunners are trying to protect… the criminal.