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I has a button

Since everyone keeps asking, I’ve added one of them there fancy, newfangled share on mytwitterfacedin things. See below.

15 Responses to “I has a button”

  1. Drake Says:


  2. HiddenHills Says:

    put it over tot eh right hand side of “RSS 2.0”, and turn down the wattage. That makes me cross-eyed trying to read around it.

  3. HiddenHills Says:

    “over to the” (sheesh.. can’t type either)

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Will someone Die if I push the Button, but I still get the Million Bucks, right?

  5. D2k Says:

    It’s big and annoying as currently placed, maybe have it only on the post specific page?

  6. Ruth Says:

    Ditto D2K. But then I can’t stand them anyway, so I wasn’t the one asking for it. I find it annoying as heck when it pops open cause I accidently ran my mouse over it.

  7. DirtCrashr Says:

    That’s a button? It looks like a clothes-washer or something. Almost as bad as Google’s hideous “updated Blogger interface.”

  8. TennGoodBoy Says:

    As long as it entertains you…

  9. Magus Says:

    I hate those damn mouse-over pop up shit buttons.

    Just saying….

  10. Garrett Lee Says:

    Put me down on the list of folks that annoys. I like the suggestion of having it on the side, out of the way – but as it is, it’s terrible.

  11. BtheBeast Says:

    Ditto on the annoyance factor. Either make them require a click before popping up, or move them over to the right, or move them to the specific post pages.

    Almost as bad as the ad parsers that run in javascript after the page loads and change random words of webpages into links. Not quite, but almost.

  12. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    What I hate are the pages where the text is a minefield of links that pop open with irrelevancies when you mouse over them. I typically scroll with the mouse wheel and have to dodge them.

  13. DirtCrashr Says:

    Kewl! Guys – if you are using Firefox with the No-Script add-on you can forbid the “AddToAny” mouse-over link so nothing pops up, and with Ad-BlockPlus you can make the little button icon go away! 🙂

  14. Bobby Says:


  15. OKGlockman Says:

    Check out the “Craigslist of Firearms”