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Don’t they have guns to smuggle into Mexico or something?

Background Check Exemption Status For CCW Holders Under Review By ATF

2 Responses to “Don’t they have guns to smuggle into Mexico or something?”

  1. TIM Says:

    I guess it makes since.All the info that is needed plus a whole lot more is filed when they get a ccw.So It would be nice for a ccw holder to save alittle money.They will probably just jack the price up on ccw’s.

  2. Gunstar1 Says:

    NICS exemption for a carry license is simple… the license must be valid for 5 years or less and a NICS check must be ran when applying or renewing.

    I think a lot more states could have there licenses NICS exempt if they simply added a line to their license background check process that says something like “and also run applicants information through National Instant Check System”.

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