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Target Marketing

A concealed carry course specifically for realtors. Cool. It’s a profession where you should have defense in mind. You never know who you’ll meet.

4 Responses to “Target Marketing”

  1. mikee Says:

    I am a landlord, not a realtor. But I got my CHL because of a disturbing tenant family who worried me so much that after their eviction I took a gun with me to clean up their apartment for re-rental. I realized I knew nothing about the law and almost nothing about shooting for self defense, so I got my CHL and learned a bit more about firearms.

    The realtors I know use systems that will, after the fact of a crime, help police identify and catch a bad guy. They do simple things like email the next address and contact name to their own inbox, and snap and email a picture of a contact upon first meeting them.

    That said, there is nothing wrong with keeping a weapon handy to help prevent anything bad from happening in the first place.

  2. SPQR Says:

    There was a spat of rape/murders of realtors in the news a decade back, I think I recall. Of course, with anythign that something gets news coverage does not mean its actually statistically worrisome. Haven’t seen much recently.

  3. Fluffka Says:

    A violent coke dealer, a random shooting, a rogue cop: Sounds like all of the right elements for a thrilling movie. That’s probably what real estate agent Gayle Wolfer was thinking when she found herself on the set of the 1992 made-for-TV movie, With Murder In Mind (starring Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched, above), a film about the calculated robbery and attempted murder of Craig Bush, an extremely wealthy cocaine dealer living in a mansion in Western New York.

    Bush, who was selling his house in an attempt to remove himself from the increasingly violent drug scene, hired Wolfer to help. In March 1988, Edward Beaufort-Cutner, a reserve sheriff’s deputy, arrived at the Sardinia residence of the coke dealer, prepared to commit a brazen robbery. Posing as a potential buyer, Beaufort-Cutner entered the property, strapped with handcuffs and a pistol. He cuffed Bush and Wolfer, and, while he was assuring them that he would not harm them, he pulled the trigger, shooting Bush in the head—an injury that he would survive, but in a catatonic state.

    Cutner then set his sights on Wolfer. He pressed the gun to her forehead and pulled the trigger. The gun jammed, giving Wolfer a chance to escape. Still handcuffed, she fought the man, but Cutner regained his composure and shot her three times in the face and neck before fleeing the property with less than $3,000. Miraculously, Wolfer survived. Less than a year later, while at the Erie County Fair in 1988, Wolfer spotted Cutner on a horse. He was arrested, convicted of attempted murder, robbery, and burglary, and sentenced to 29-50 years in Auburn State Prison.

  4. MichigammeDave Says:

    I worked as a realtor in the Las Vegas Metro area a while back, and I always carried – especially when visiting rental properties. It wasn’t really about people, so much as dogs. There are people who train their dogs to be aggressive toward strangers, sometimes toward strangers of an identifiable group, making it difficult for “outsiders” to enter certain areas.
    In nearly 30 years of carrying, on and off the clock, I have drawn twice on humans, never had to pull the trigger. Dogs intent on having me for lunch, however, are a different story…