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Internet: Serious Business

I’ve heard of no such blacklist by gun blogs of The Truth About Guns. The accusation that there is one should probably be supported with evidence. After all, I seem to run across their stuff often enough when making my reading rounds. I don’t link often for the same reason I don’t link anti-gun blogs often. I don’t regularly read either.

I don’t read anti-gun blogs for the same reason I don’t read bigots. Why expose myself to such stupidity? Or astroturf? Those who are on the wrong side of history aren’t worth reading. I do read the various blogs of national gun control organizations and link to them to shame them when they say something stupid. And that happens a lot. ETA: To be clear, TTAG is not anti-gun.

As to why I don’t really read TTAG, a few reasons. I realize the icanhascheezburger model of lifting someone else’s pics and commenting is a formula for blog success, but it’s not my thing. When something hits TTAG, I’ve already seen it. Everything on the front page today, I read yesterday.

Also, bad etiquette to lift entire posts.

When I briefly meet two guys from TTAG at the NRA convention, they made it pretty clear they were in it for the free stuff. The blog is a money making venture. Good on ya and I wish you luck in that. But the rest of the gun blogs are about community.

55 Responses to “Internet: Serious Business”

  1. Ted N(not the Nuge) Says:

    Everybody is sorry, once they get caught.

    You stay classy, TTAG.

  2. mike w. Says:

    I’m thinking the only reason Fagaro is “sorry” is because it doesn’t pay to be an asshole to folks like Tam, Unc etc. who can drive traffic to his site.

    Had he stolen my post in entirety and gotten called on it I suspect he’d just shrug it off.

    Oh well, I didn’t read TTAG before this kerfuffle, and I won’t read it after. Like Breda said, people don’t like to read assholes.

  3. Barron Barnett Says:

    @Linoge I subscribe to Gibb’s take on that statement…

    Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. And I don’t believe in coincidences.

    @Mike W, yup, I got a comment on my blog last night from Tam and squeed. When she shows up it’s like finding a gold nugget! It’s best not to anger the person who lay’s the nugget. Though I guess some might not see her that way.

  4. oldfart Says:

    I just checked my copy of The Constitutuion and Article I starts out “Congress shall make no laws…” I guess the rest of us can do what we want.

  5. An Ordinary American Says:

    Robert’s “I’ve heard but won’t tell you who” style of “Open” and “Transparent” reporting will accomplish his goal: Page views and Drama.


    Constant linking to the anti-gun sites is simply a way of doubling your hits, and thus your (potential) income. It’s kind of like a prostitute working both sides of the street during when the DNC is on one side and the RNC is on the other.

    It basically means you don’t care who you screw, just so long as you get paid for it.


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