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Quote of the day

Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram:

Burglars need to realize that if they donít want to get shot, they shouldnít be breaking into peopleís homes

6 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. mikee Says:

    And that’s the way things get done here in Texas.

    I note that breaking into a Texas residence after dark, like these jokers did, when it can be presumed the resident is home, is a factor leading to more serious charges and longer sentences, as well as getting shot.

  2. StanInTexas Says:

    Even here in Texas, I have heard LEO lecturing HOMEOWNERS with “A DVD Player is not worth someone’s life”, while admonishing them to remain unarmed and allow the criminals to take what they want and leave. “After all, you have homeowners insurance and it’s just stuff”.

    I asked said officer if he had ever taken his “A DVD Player is not worth someone’s life” message to the schools or juvenile detention centers. HE IGNORED ME!

    Within a few weeks, I had my CHL!

  3. JKB Says:

    You know, if the Brits were to offer this kind of caution to their burglars, I believe they’d have more success. Instead, they are under orders not to charge but only to tell the poor dears not to steal and let them go.

  4. SDB Says:

    While a DVD player may not be worth a life, a society in which you are secure in your home and person from the fear of muggers, vandals, burglars, riot mad mobs or the unreasonable searches and seizures of overwrought government IS. An armed society is a polite one due to the respect of each and every individual demanded by Sam Colt’s “Equalizer”.

  5. mike w. Says:

    Who knew it was that simple?

  6. 45er Says:

    Officer Tim is my new hero. I just hope if something ever happens it’s someone like him that shows up. After interacting with the LE around here, I think that will be the case.

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