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If there was no PSH in a mall and someone noticed does it make a sound?

Yes. Here’s an editorial that opens with: Open-carry puts shoppers on edge

Yet, it cites no one actually being on edge or anything all that exciting. I guess they must mean the editorial board was there and on edge. And then, there’s this:

But, as Sunday’s experience demonstrates, there’s a problem with open carry: When that person walks through the door, how can customers tell if the person bearing the weapon is a potential rescuer or killer?

In other words, is the guy or gal with the gun angry with the store’s management or return policy, or simply browsing for a new digital camera?

Well, if it’s in his hand and he’s pointing it at someone, that’s a pretty sure indication.

4 Responses to “If there was no PSH in a mall and someone noticed does it make a sound?”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Just the typical could,might,possibly,maybe,would,will situation…

  2. adam Says:

    I like how they pigeon hole all permit holders into two buckets: rescuers or killers.

  3. divemedic Says:

    I a person (man) walks into a store with his penis, how do we know that he isn’t a rapist? If a person has a vagina, how do we know she isn’t a whore?

  4. Sid Says:

    “Most retail establishments seem to have made a calculated choice that it is better to allow customers to carry firearms than incur the protests of pro-gun activists.” Since when?

    “Otherwise, shoppers are forced to make a hasty decision about the gun-bearer’s mental state and propensity for violence.” He asked me about the warranty on the new Toyotas and that is when I knew he was about to start killing everyone in the dealership. Pa-lease. The whole damn community knew Jared Loughner was as crazy as a out-house rat. No one was suprised when he was the shooter. People have no trouble knowing when someone is upset.

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