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Where Great Britain Used To Be

After riots, sales of baseball bats up 5,000%.

Heard on the news the police were considering use of plastic bullets. You should be using real ones already.

What’s the cause of the riot? I’m guessing lack of incoming fire.

52 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. Sebastiano Wino Says:

    There’ll always be people taking advantage of social unrest.

    I’m sure the Mexicans in that famous picture from the LA Riots taking the washing machine out of the appliance store in LA probably weren’t all that upset about Rodney King either. 🙂

  2. wizardpc Says:

    By “executed an unarmed man,” do you mean “shot drug dealer who pulled a gun?”

    Just like the LA riots, rioters were just looking for an excuse to loot.

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