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Poll Cat

Hey, do me a favor. Head over to this FB poll and vote for Shooting Illustrated. I’m partial. I write for them.

7 Responses to “Poll Cat”

  1. Jeffrey H Says:

    I actually had already voted for them. That magazine rocks.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    I don’t read gun rags, but I did vote.

    Wait! What happened to my principles? I know I left them around here somewhere….

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    It says, “You must log in to see this page.” Can’t I just *Tweet* a vote, or MySpace it? Or Yelp! Sheesh.

  4. Link P Says:

    I mostly only read America’s First Freedom in print, but I find my self following links to Shooting Illustrated online quite often, and a vote for Shooting Illustrated seems better than a vote for Other.

  5. Gregory Markle Says:

    The only print mag I read is Small Arms Review and I’d already voted “other”…

  6. DirtCrashr Says:

    I’m surrounded by Facebookers…

  7. Joe in Reno Says:

    I clicked on the link and got this:

    Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

    Hope you got paid……………..!