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Free market victory

IJ suit strikes law saying you need a special license to sell wooden boxes.

2 Responses to “Free market victory”

  1. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Obviously, Judge Stanwood Duval is NOT a good communist! Our Marxist/warrior/hero/judges are supposed to rationalize ever expanding government, not explain it out of existence! The judge’s ruling is common sense! That’s what’s wrong with it! It’s supposed to be common communist sense, which is the opposite of common sense! Obviously, someone, who wears a judge’s robes, needs a trip to a government re-education camp! As soon as my commie compadres in the federal government can get one built, he’s going! Maybe Obama can slip some funding for one into the budget in the rush to the August 2nd deadline. Alaska would be a good location – not as cold as Siberia, but close enough for government work. And don’t think it can’t happen! Obama was never going to smuggle AK’s to the Reconquista either, they said during the election. That New Yorker cover with an AK slung over Michelle’s shoulder was just a joke, wasn’t it? Ha! Ha! Who’s laughing now? Ha! Ha!”

  2. Kristopher Says:


    Those unlicensed casket sales are dangerous. Someone might get hurt if they were buried in an unlicensed casket.

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