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Why notification laws are nonsense

Yup. On camera, he tried to tell the cops. Who interrupted him then said he didn’t.

9 Responses to “Why notification laws are nonsense”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    And then threatened to beat the shit out of him!

    The good cops need to purge these pigs from their ranks. Thugs with badges like him only make things worse for everybody.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    So if this is an example of a “bad” cop… What are all the “good” cops that will protect him supposed to be?

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Looks like he’s under review

    I hope it means he gets his ass canned. Time will tell.

  4. Kristopher Says:

    “Review” = meaningless word, and a black mark for being stupid enough to get in the news or on the internet.

  5. Huck Says:

    “Review”; What the PD does to convince the public that they actually investigate erring officers. Yeah, right.

  6. Scott Says:

    A good first step in getting rid of these asshole LEOs would be to eliminate qualified immunity and open them all up to civil and criminal liability for any offense.

    Then require each cop to carry a personal bond/insurance policy. We require doctors, lawyers, construction contractors, etc. to personally indemnify themselves, so why not cops? Let the underwriters assess the risk of insuring each individual cop and, should they determine someone is uninsurable or high-risk enough to warrant massive premiums, we’ll have gone a long way in purging the ranks of the anger-challenged bullies so common in the profession.

  7. Chris McBride Says:

    Any word on what brand of steroids?

  8. Gary Foster Says:

    Please highlight this incident better. This is an example of how we are losing our rights and freedoms at the hands of bully cops.

  9. Andrew Says:

    I watched that video, and the thing I came away with was that the cop was paying zero attention to what the people he was talking to were saying. All he wanted to hear was his own voice shouting commands and demanding submission!! What a freaking unprofessional jerk.

    If the CCW holder was a criminal intent on getting away at all costs, the cop would have been shot dead while he was searching the back seat of the car with the front passengers still inside. Talk about lack of survival instinct skills.

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