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Chicken Fried Steak with White Pepper Gravy


I’m told it’s not at all like a schnitzel.

11 Responses to “Chicken Fried Steak with White Pepper Gravy”

  1. Marty Goodman Says:

    I’m really not a fan of chicken-fried steak. It’s good, but schnitzel made by a real german cook. Priceless.
    Keep up the good stuff.


    Chicken fried steak is awesome…but schnitzel is chicken fried PORK. +1 for deliciousness.

  3. Jerry Says:

    With BACON too!?!?! Damn, now I’m hungry.

  4. Steve in TN Says:

    Schnitzel is pork only when veal is too expensive…

  5. Huck Says:

    *Drools* Ah love chicken fried steak with pepper gravy!

    Dammit! Now I’m hungry! 🙂

  6. kbiel Says:

    Chicken fried steak is schnitzel with beef instead of pork or veal. Lots of Germans and lots of cattle in Texas.

  7. ATLien Says:

    Iz- that’s incorrect. Schnitzel = “cutlet”

    That’s why Wienerschnitzel is veal.

  8. Katherine Says:

    I am so flattered that you found my blog! There is a chicken schnitzel with mustard sauce recipe on Smoky Mountain Cafe posted about two weeks ago. Would love for your readers to try and compare!

    I am enjoying browsing through your blog; what a huge variety of information. Just about all of the topics are of interest to me.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    You’re in Tennessee too. Glad you stopped by.

  10. Mu Says:

    The main difference is size. The right place in Germany has will have a schnitzel that hangs off the plate, and usually in 10 different preparations, from Wiener (with just a slice of lemon) to Hunter (cut up mushrooms in sauce)to Holstein (with egg) or Swiss (with cheese). Compared to that the variations in CFS are usually white or brown gravy.

  11. Phelps Says:

    It’s exactly like schintzel because it is schnitzel. We started it here in Texas, with the German immigrants to the Hill Country. They couldn’t get the veal they used for weinerschnitzel, so they took tougher cuts and cubed them instead.

    Wheat flour was also dear in Texas (corn was the primary grain, hence the cornbread) but they weren’t giving up the cream sauce.

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