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ATF and guns in Mexico

ABC: ATF Director’s ‘Eyes Nearly Popped Out of (His) Head’ When he Learned ATF Might Have Been Selling Guns to FBI in ‘Fast and Furious’

David Hardy on the effect of gunwalker on cooperating FFLs.

Fast and Furious and Mexican presidential politics.

A misbegotten scheme to boost gun control turns deadly.

One Response to “ATF and guns in Mexico”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says: just ran a story by William LaJueness about the so-called “GunRunner” Raid back in January that the ATF claimed “Dismantled” a ring from “Top to Bottom.” Today, Fox reports that out of the 20 arrested, 19 are free on Bail, that the ATF Supervisor wouldn’t ask the Judge to change the warrant so they could check out the Texting that was used to communicate between the “Straw Buyers” and the “Middle Man” who was hand them thousands of Dollars to buy the weapons, and that the Field Agents were told by their Supervisor that they could NOT follow the “Middle Man” who was giving the “Straw Buyers” the cash, even though they had him on Video making the money transfers.

    So once again the ATF lied, and if they got anyone, it was the Bottom Rung of the Ladder.

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