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ATF and guns in Mexico

Exactly has planned, as Democrats push gun control instead of something.

Here’s the proposed bill, via SIH who notes this statute is, to be blunt, a joke. I canít see this has any purpose short of trying to divert attention away from the Fast and Furious scandal, and to try deflect blame for the DOJís criminal mishandling of the program, and their abysmal record of prosecuting traffickers under existing law.

The bill doesn’t seem to address anything not already addressed in law.

And here’s the Democrat talking points on the bill.

2 Responses to “ATF and guns in Mexico”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    God, they’ve been saying the same thing since I was in High School. Yet they still chant the same old B.S. like they just thunk it up. WHO’S the one with a Open Mind, willing to have a “Reasonable Discussion?”

  2. Kristopher Says:

    Bill is ineffective if it does not punish ATF agents for smuggling guns into Mexico.

    Re-write it, and replace the word “individual” with “agent of the federal government”.

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