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A shortage of police, so firefighters deployed to protect summer workers. Stop or I’ll douse you?

Also, the shortage and “mountains” of paperwork make getting a gun there difficult.

2 Responses to “In DC”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    The problem is that firefighters will now be viewed as the enemy by the very population that they serve.

    Also, the youth jobs program that the firefighters are being deployed to watch over is a boondoggle. See it here:

  2. Jeff from DC Says:

    The Firefighters aren’t just watching over the paycheck areas, they have them on “crime observation patrol” in high crime areas. They simply should not be there. This is akin to having law enforcement fighting fires; without any training, it’s opening the city to massive amount of liability. I have no doubt in my mind that before 2013, DC will lose home rule and the financial control board will be back in place. Oh, and no new guns in DC. Not even for the firefighters now expected to perform law enforcement tasks.

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