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ATF gunrunning to Mexico

A round up.

Pretty much: Obama Sold, Tracked, Same Guns To Cartels He Hoped To Ban Because They Were Tracked From Cartels

Remember, under the radar.

IBD: The evidence suggests that Agent Terry’s death was financed by the president’s stimulus package with the full knowledge and support of Attorney General Holder.

Ouch: This program is so plain stupid that it smacks of Obama thinking it up himself.

John Lott:

This case can almost be viewed as if the Obama administration wanted to increase the number of American guns used in crimes in Mexico.
The timing of the “Gunwalker” case is even more troubling since the program got going at about the same time that the Obama administration was trying to claim (falsely) that American guns were showing up in a significant number of Mexican crime scenes.

Is it possible that the Obama administration pushed this program to help gin up more support for gun control in the United States?

6 Responses to “ATF gunrunning to Mexico”

  1. JKB Says:

    Don’t miss this one:

    Brit Hume: “This Obama Justice Department reminds me of nothing so much as the Nixon Justice Department,” Hume said on Fox News Sunday. “You have the scent of high-level knowledge of serious wrongdoing and you have the smell of cover-up and I think the stench of cover-up on this gun-running operation is very strong indeed.”

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    GunRunner is Simple; it’s like the Fire Marshall deliberately setting fires so that he can say we need a Tougher Fire Code. Only problem, nothing was burning down before the Fire Marshall bought the Gasoline and Matches.

  3. Bill Caffrey Says:

    Please note: “Project gunrunner” was started in the Bush Administration and was moderately successful.

    It was DOJ’s Inspector General that urged going after “higher level” gunrunners. “Operation Fast and Furious” didn’t get started until about April 2009, just after Big-O’s administration was embarressed by using the “90%” misinformation factoid.

    Also note that Virginia O’Brien was head of the Phoenix office until early ’09. She went to D.C. as the eastern Deputy Asst. Director of ATF, then “stepped down” to head the Tampa, FL office. The same office that was “walking” guns into Honduras?

    Conincidence? There aren’t any coincidences in D.C.

  4. Chris Says:

    Good news!

    I have evidence the ATF is slowing their sales of guns across the border. My NFA request from mid-March for a muzzle muffler came in last week.

    Less guns going to cartels. Less noise pollution here at home. It is a win-win!

  5. comatus Says:

    I continue to remind everyone of the “point man” status of U of M law professor Steven Croley, whose assignment was to work behind the scenes for gun control. He has yet to be asked about this affair. Furthermore, Carthage.

  6. Jamie Says:

    “Is it possible that the Obama administration pushed this program to help gin up more support for gun control in the United States?”
    That’s what I believe.

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