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Private property war

Rural residents must bring their cabins up to code or they will be destroyed.

9 Responses to “Private property war”

  1. armed_partisan Says:

    Whenever I hear a story like this, I start to wonder how many homemade landmines one can plant on a piece of land before they abandon it.

  2. sherman Says:

    just another of the rich ruling the poor,what ever happened to —and the land of the free

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Something tells me that some Political Crony in L.A. County has a plan to pull a Mulholland with that land, and they’re so cheap, they don’t want to use Eminent Domain.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Remember the good old days, when you could find free-range humans?

  5. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Ha! Ha! Marxism in action! All property is the property of the state, so it makes sense to have them comply with the way that the state wants it to be or tear it down. So what if they’re the ones living there? It belongs to us Marxists, so we get to say how it’s supposed to be, after all, it’s ours! All your cabin is belong to us! And we want it torn down! Ha! Ha! Besides, we have more guns than you do, and ours are fully automatic! Ha! Ha!”

  6. The Comedian Says:

    When one of those property owners finally goes Carl Drega the NATs will flee, then dummy up and say that they never saw it coming…

  7. OHIO SHAWN Says:

    Lets hope nobody aspires to be another Carl Drega or a Marvin Heemeyer, but this stinks big time. It smells of county gov corruption and makes me wonder what that property is actually worth and who is about to develop it. A quick search on Google turns up nothing of note as far as planned development.
    One would think they could leave folks living out in the desert alone. Of course, anyone dumb enough to still live in Commifornia gets what they deserve I guess.

  8. Slawson Says:

    Totally ridiculous. Code is valid when homes are close packed. When your nearest neighbor is a half mile away you could live in a comeplete firetrap and still not be a “public nuisance”.

  9. Says:

    Makes me glad I live in Texas.