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Gunwalker: round up of ATF smuggling guns into Mexico

Because ATF allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico and those guns were later used in murders and showed up at crime scenes in US neighborhoods, we clearly need to pass more gun laws. You know, to better equip law enforcement to combat this sort of thing. Why, it’s almost like it went exactly according to ATF’s plan.

Michael Bane: The ONLY way Fast & Furious makes sense is as a direct attack on the Second Amendment. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.

Conspiracy timeline. More likely incompetence.

Media in the tank for ATF and the administration: you’d think their mainstream media mouthpieces might wait until the actual forum had been held.

Nope. Doesn’t fit the narrative. And they’ve been working on this narrative since 2007.

2 Responses to “Gunwalker: round up of ATF smuggling guns into Mexico”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Why the fuck isn’t lifetimes in prison time and death row being mentioned by anyone involved in this fiasco? If anyone outside of the gov’t was involved in illegally sending guns across borders, falsifying documents, strong-arming law-abiding citizens (gun dealers), lying to Congress, and directly aiding known criminals to smuggle drugs and commit hundreds of murders, their ass would and should be spread wide to his new cellmate and all his friends. But no, all we’re hearing about “taking blame” and other wrist-slaps. Club Fed, however unlikely, is their only real possible future.

  2. Lyle Says:

    I still say the purchases must have been arranged by ATF in the first place.

    They don’t make sense otherwise. Who would send someone to U.S. gun dealers to pay extra, and buy large numbers of guns at a time over the counter, knowing anything about U.S. gun laws?

    Huh uh. No. They didn’t “allow” the purchases. They engineered them, and of course it’s nothing but an attack on the second amendment. They couldn’t prove their ridiculous Mexican gun canard for a couple years, so they made it happen.

    And of course if U.S. gun laws are made super restrictive, the narco-gangs will still have all the guns they want, from cheaper sources south of their border and over seas.

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