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Shot shell

A reader emails:

I caught the video the other day of the “cut shell”, seemed like a hell of an idea. My question is can this method be applied to the .410 revolvers? Seems there would be little chance of breaking the shells in revolver as apposed to racking them in a pump or semi.

Curious if any of your drones had any input. I wouldn’t try it myself because it seems a bit dangerous and i don’t own said revolver.

I don’t know.

9 Responses to “Shot shell”

  1. D2k Says:

    hmm maybe, doubt it though, I can’t find the diameter of the .410 shell, but I suspect it’s .480 like the .45 Colt.
    Check the width of the shell with a micrometer, if it’s wider than maybe .454 (the width of an unjacketed .45 Colt bullet) then you probably shouldn’t.
    That’s if you make the slug by cutting the shell though, if you do it by taping the shotcup then it should be fine.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    I speculated about this back in April,right after I found that cut shell vid.

    tl;dr: Give me an inexpensive .410 revolver and a long string and I promise to see how well the cut shells jump the gap and squeeze through the forcing cone.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    So long as the overlap is thick enough that it doesn’t break on recoil.

  4. SoupOrMan Says:

    If my .410 break-action shotgun wasn’t pushing 100 years old, I’d try the cut-shell technique with it. It only has an Improved Cylinder choke so it wouldn’t get squeezed too badly. It might be worth trying with a newer-model shotgun, though, just not with my heirloom gun.

  5. MSJ Says:

    Aspiring to a .410 slug is setting the bar low. I was very unhappy with the slugs I shot from my Saiga.

    A cut shell in a Judge doesn’t make sense if you can get your hands on
    .45 LC ammo.

  6. Rivrdog Says:

    Cut to the nub of this question: a cut shell makes no sense at all except in the direst of survival situations, where not using one means you die anyway.

  7. TennGoodBoy Says:

    “Drone” or not, I say just dont do it.

  8. Paul Says:

    Might get stuck in the forcing cone of a revolver and blow.

    I would not do it in any wheelgun.

  9. NMM1AFan Says:

    Read an article from a 1960s American Rifleman this weekend about that.

    Short answer, doesnt’ work.