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Tired of losing?

Paul Helmke is leaving the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. Contract up.

11 Responses to “Tired of losing?”

  1. Monte Says:

    Love it.

  2. Chas Says:

    Anti-gunner and former PA governor Ed Rendell is available, isn’t he? When does Bloomberg term limit out? Weiner is available and it’s the perfect job for a man with no qualifications for anything except being an asshole, but he’s politically radioactive, so he’s out. Melson’s going to be looking for a job soon, but he glows in the dark when the lights go out too. Holder may be looking for a job soon, but who wants him? An Obama impeachment over Gunwalker might leave him available, but it would take too long. There’s always Slick Willie, but I think he likes to be more independent – Sarah can be such a nag, and it’s her name on the organization, as she’s sure to remind him from time to time, and he’s already had a lifetime of nagging from Hillary. Schwarzenegger is available, he’s an asshole, and he has an impressive anti-gun record from Cali, but they might not want a guy who has severe personal issues every Father’s Day.
    I’m guessing Rendell, if he’s not too busy.

  3. Chas Says:

    Contract up or tired of losing? Tired of losing. He sucked. He just plain sucked. It’s good to have an enemy who sucks. πŸ™‚

  4. Name Redacted Says:


    I hope someone really good at what they do doesn’t replace him. πŸ™

  5. John Richardson Says:

    Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is also available and he is a gun control true believer. He did say that he planned to continue working for more gun control when he left office.

  6. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “I hope someone really good at what they do doesn’t replace him.”

    Kinda hard to be all that good at cooking numbers, lying, and violating general ethics when all we have to do is respond the truth.

  7. Trent D. Says:

    I hope they pick Daley. That guy’s a moron and can’t even put together a coherent sentence, much less articulate a defense for foolish gun control policies. Plus, he has the stink of Chicago corruption all over him.

  8. the pistolero Says:

    Dick Daley. The guy who threatened to stick a bayonet up a reporter’s ass. PLEASE, Brady Campaign, I beg of you, HIRE HIM.

  9. Michael Hawkins Says:

    la la laa laa
    na na naa naa
    Hey hey hey
    Good bye

  10. Chas Says:

    With Illinois the last hold out on CCW and Chicago being the heart of that opressive darkness, Daley would be a very representative choice for the freedom haters. He’d also serve to remind people that Obama comes from Chicago and that Obama supported Chicago’s miserably failed gun ban, which never worked and was ruled unconstitutional. Daley and Obama both being Democrats, it would cast the party even more sharply in the anti-gun light in which it basks. In fact, Daley would do a nice job of tying MAIG, the Brady Campaign, the Democrat Party, Obama, Chicago and gun control all together in one big, ugly, failed package – a political target too big to miss and heavy enough to bring down Obama’s re-election chances. That it would be nice to have an abrasive jerk representing the other side would be icing on the cake.
    Speaking of abrasive jerks, Mayor Mike might just be inclined to resign from his last term to take over the Brady Campaign. He’s going nowhere with his presidential bid – he’s too New York (authoritarian leftist) and not American enough for America to be electable. Maybe he’ll take the current opportunity to move on, or even do it while remaining mayor. He’d be another fun enemy to have – he hates gun rights so much that he made it a crime to have a gun of the wrong color, so refined are the simpering, little Prince of Manhattan’s delicate sensibilities.
    It’s like the ancient Chinese curse these days, “May you live in interesing times”. These times are certainly interesting. We’re there. Let the Brady Bunch bring it on!

  11. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Noooo! Just when he was running them into the ground.

    Well, Indiana does not want him back. D.C. can keep him.

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