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Size matters

A pretty handy comparison of mouseguns from

4 Responses to “Size matters”

  1. mikee Says:

    I wonder why I have never noticed an article in the pages of GUNS, HANDGUNNER, or GUNS&AMMO magazines the likes of the Jiminez JA-380 or the I.O. Hellcat .380? They’ve covered the Lorcins and the HiPoints, as well as teh Seecamps, NAAs and Berettas.

    Perhaps these guns are like the elusive snipe I hunted late at night with my brothers in my childhood, only rarely seen and almost never captured.

  2. Jay G. Says:

    Interesting that they have the Sig P290 but not the Ruger LC9…

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Jay, you got a Ruler, and a post to write!

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    The Kimber Solo is essentially exactly the same dimensions as my Colt Mustang.